Keringa Reviews and References for PetWings - pet transport by air

Milkshake and Jewels have arrived safely in Scotland with keringa pet transport by air to Scotland - keringa references

Milkshake and Jewels

11 January 2022

Milkshake and Jewels have joined their fur siblings and human family members in Galashiels, Scotland
Their travel arrangements were handled by senior Petwings travel consultant Danielle Smuts, who arranged for the cute twosome to be collected by Keringa’s Petwheels road transport division, brought to Keringa for boarding and then taken to the airport for their flight to Edinburgh and final delivery in the charming town of Galashiels!
We fly furkids and other pets all around the world.
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Mia and Roxy have arrived safely in USA with keringa pet transport by air to USA - keringa references

Mia and Roxy

3 January 2022

Happy 2022, everyone!

We have so many happy stories to share with you, including this one: MIA AND ROXY HAVE JOINED THEIR HUMANS AND BROTHERS IN THE USA (New Jersey to be exact!)

Danielle Smuts, senior Petwings pet travel agent who handled their transport, received this email from their dad: “Greetings Danielle.
We have picked up the girls from JFK. They have have settled in nicely at our new home. They have been on loads of walks around our neighbourhood. Many thanks for all your assistance in enabling the reuniting of our little family.”
Moggy has arrived safely in Somerset with keringa pet transport by air to South Africa - keringa references


17 December 2021

Senior Petwings pet travel agent Mark Hindle and his assistant Niveshan Govender handled her travel arrangements.
This email and photos from her humans: “Trixie has already made herself comfortable by taking over my bed! I just want to thank you and your teams for the wonderful service that we received. From finding the last minute flight to pictures of Trixie on route to and while in Johannesburg, to making sure she had everything on the trip. After I collected my mum, we collected Trixie. It took about 45 minutes which was excellent as it sometimes takes up to 6/8 hours as you know. JCS Livestock were fantastic as well and kept us up to date with the process. Again thank you for all your hard work making this happen.”

Bulletjie and Lola

9 December 2021

“Hi Danielle,
Thank you for taking such good care of us and reuniting us with our parents.
Although it is very hot, we are sooo happy to be here and explore all the new smells and noises of wild life.
Thank you!!
Lola and Bulletjie”
Petwings transports furkids worldwide ✈️


24 November 2021

Well done to Senior Petwings Pet Travel Agent Danielle Smuts, who made it possible!
Amelia was collected in Umhlali a week after her brothers, she then travelled from Johannesburg via Addis Ababa to London Heathrow and was then transported to Dublin, Ireland.
We transport pets worldwide

Storm and Scout

15 November 2021

Senior Petwings travel consultant Danielle Smuts, who handled their journey, received this email from their family: “Hi Danielle,
Big thanks to you and your team – Storm and Scout arrived safely last night. Great excitement from both animals and humans.
Thanks for the safe handling of our friends and for the pictures and information sent to us while they were in kennels.
The local agents in Scotland were great – they phoned once the customs and vet clearance was complete and advised us of the expected departure time to us and the driver was friendly and cheerful. Even the guys in Qatar had left a note letting us know when the dogs last had their medication.
Thanks again to everyone involved – you were superb. Many thanks.”
Petwings unites pets with their families all around the world (and in SA!)
For a quote or the best advice, we’re just a call or email away:
+27 11 976 3030 /
Gatsby has arrived safely in Ireland with keringa pet transport by air to Ireland - keringa references


2 November 2021

His mom sent this email to his Petwings travel agent Christina Jordao: “Hi Christina. Just to let you know Gatsby is with Ryan and seems to be very happy! As you can see by the fact that he is lying on the dining room table he obviously feels right at home 😅 I’ve attached some pics for you. Thanks again for everything.”

Gummi, Jessie and Candy

25 October 2021

Well done Petwings senior pet travel agent Danielle Smuts for making their dreams come true!
Petwings transports pets worldwide ❤❤❤
Goya has arrived safely in USA with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Goya and Raphael

17 October 2021

This email from their humans: “Hi Danielle… The boys are safe and sound in their new home. Thank you for making it possible and your very professional service. I will recommend Keringa to all my friends and family thinking of moving their fur babies.”
Well done Petwings senior pet travel agent Danielle S. for making their dream come true 🏆
FIFI, NUSCHKA AND LIESIE ARE SAFE AND SOUND IN BELGIUM with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Fifi, Nuschka and Liesie

12 October 2021

Intrepid travellers Fifi, Nuschka and Liesie travelled from Nelspruit, to Keringa-Petwings, and then to their new home in Brussels, Belgium.
“Thank you for the good service!” – from their humans
Elvie has arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references


27 September 2021

This from his humans: “Hi Jessica. Elvie is doing great & he has adjusted perfectly! Thank you again for all of your help in getting him over 💛❤️💛

Red, Abby and Max

10 August 2021

Red Abby and Max have been home for almost two weeks now. They have been on a great adventure, travelled, met new dogs, met new people and got sprayed by a skunk (SKUNK 1 – DOGS 0). Just happy to have them with me. Shout-out to Truly amazing people. Pets stayed at the Keringa-Petwings kennels for two weeks before leaving SA and I received photos and videos every single day.


3 August 2021

Well done Petwings pet travel agent Jessica for reuniting yet another family ❤
For more information about transporting your dogs and cats worldwide, or for a quote, please contact us on 011 976 3030 or email us at
KERINGA-PETWINGS is a proud, long-standing member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).
Gucci has safley arrived in Australia with Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references


23 July 2021

This from his mum: “Our baby is here! Thank you so much for everything and for helping us get Gucci to Australia. We are so happy to have her here.”
We reunite pets with their humans worldwide – talk to us if you need your dogs, cats, birds or bunnies (lizards, too!) professionally transported to your new home.
Bailey has arrived salfey in Australia by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references


13 July 2021

Bailey has joined his family in Australia! Well done to our Petwings pet travel agent Jessica 💚
Talk to us if your fur and feathered kids need to join you in another country: 011 976 3030 /
Our website…/ is full of useful info – and client testimonials. Do have a look when you have a moment 🙂


25 June 2021

Call us on 011 976 3030 or email us at if your fury babies need to be transported anywhere in the world.
Harry and Daisy have arrived salfey in Perth Australia by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references

Harry and Daisy

28 June 2021

This email from their happy family: “Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Harry and Daisy arrived safely in Perth! We are beyond thrilled to have them home with us after 2 months of separation!
Thank you so much for your endless wealth of knowledge, constant calm demeanour and for always understanding my worries, especially for Harry my old boy! Knowing we had you dealing with the dogs’ travel itinerary have me much reassurance and we are forever grateful!
Some happy snaps of the dogs arrival and new life in Perth!”
Talk to a Petwings travel agent if you need your furkids reunited with you anywhere in the world: 011 97 3030 /
We Zoom, too!
Apollo, Buffy and Xander have arrived in Vancourver by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references

Apollo, Buffy and Xander

25 May 2021

Sansa, Jerry and Ashes arrive safley in Amsterdam - another great review for out keringa references

Sansa, Jerry and Ashes

13 May 2021

This email from their folks: “Thank you Eloise and Shirley! They’ve all arrived safe and are settling in. Thanks for your care and personal attention, I am a very happy cat mom right now!”
We transport furbabies all over the world – chat to us if your dogs and cats need to join the rest of the family.


12 May 2021

This from his mom: ““Dear Danielle, Thank you so much for all your help getting him to us safely. We really appreciate it!”

Xeno, Crowley, Calypso and Daqueri

05 May 2021

This email from their folks: “Hey Jessica… Our babies are finally home with us. It feels amazing to have them home!!! Here are some pics of our babies happy at home. Thank you so so much for taking such good care of our kids.”
Shadow arrived in the UK with Keringa Pet Transport


28 April 2021

This from her mum: “Shadow has arrived safe and sound. She was dropped off just after 5pm (SA time) and she is slowly starting to find her way around her new home. The delivery went smoothly and all seems well. I did take a few pics of her this morning. She has found her spot of the couch looking out the window and has seen her first seagull 😊!
Thank you so much for your all your hard work getting her here. It’s been so worth it and I really greatly appreciate everything you have done.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Keringa and yourself to anyone who needs to relocate a pet.
I wish you all the best and keep safe.”
Bowie and Hermione arrived in the UK by Keringa pet transport for cats

Bowie and Hermione

13 April 2021

This from their mom and dad: “Dear Danielle (she’s one of our Petwings pet travel agents!)
We have appreciated your professionalism, but also warmth and understanding about Hermione and Bowie, and their importance to us. Especially as the process has not been the easiest given the complications of COVID, irregular flights and initial hiccups to resolve! Colin’s daily videos from the kennels were very welcome, assuring us that they were happy and well-cared for until boarding the flight. They settled in here immediately, without any hint that we have been separated for so long, or that they had been on a journey of thousands of kilometres to an unfamiliar place. As far as they are concerned, this is home and they’re glad to be back! The agent this side was also particularly helpful in providing updates as they arrived and were processed for release. Thank you for your clear feedback each step of the way, and for engaging so kindly with both us and our daughter back in SA. We couldn’t be happier!”
Call us on 011 976 3030 or email us at if your furbabies need to be transported anywhere in the world.
Trixie the cat is safe in the UK with Keringa's international pet travel services


8 April 2021

This email from her human: “Hi Christina
I hope you are well? Trixie arrived safely yesterday and is setting in nicely. I’m so amazed at how relaxed she is. Thank you for all you have done to make this happen so smoothly! Thanks to Colin too for keeping her so calm!”
We’ve been reuniting cats and dogs (and birds and bunnies) with their families all around the world and we can do the same for you.
Dela, Shona, Nessi and tuska are safely in Scotland because of Keringa Pet Transport by air

Dela, Shona, Nessi and Tuska

8 March 2021

This email and photos from their happy humans: “Hi Danielle! The dogs are currently on our bed sharing tea and biscuits with us! Dela is on her bed! Thank you so very much! They are so relaxed! I cant believe it. It’s like nothing has changed for them.”
Peanut arrived in Portugal with Keringa pet transport by air


18 February 2021


This email from his mom: “Good morning Danielle. My baby eventually arrived …… he has now settled down and getting used to his new surroundings and of course happy to be with mommy and daddy 😊😊 thank you for asking. Thank you for the excellent service you gave me you are definitely a star and I will recommend your services to all of my friends that are thinking of leaving the country and have furry babies as well 🙏🙏

Our worldwide pet transport division Petwings reunites cats and dogs with their human world-wide…. and we’re just a call or email away from doing the same for you.

Fick has arrived safely in Burcharest - Romania with Keringa pet transport by air


14 February 2021

This email from his mom: “Dear Danielle,
Fick arrived safe home! He is very well… and found his spot immediately on the couch and fall asleep😀
After they delivered him to me (the procedure was very quick, it took maximum 1 hour after he landed… Annelise was very efficient and helpful), I walked him a bit and I was very happy (that) he was not stressed and he is ok.
So…..we are both ready to start our new life together. I am very excited and he seems already very happy.
Again, and again, and again, thank you very much for your professional assistance, to bring my brave little boy home.
I wish you all the best, good luck in everything you do and stay safe!”
Wherever you’re going in the world, we can reunite your furbabies with you!
MILO IS SAFE AND SOUND IN THE UK with Keringa Petwing Pet transport


30 January 2021

This from her humans: “Hi Mark
Milo is doing very, very well. She is settling in so easily. Bit chilly but has a nice warm coat now😄. Thanks again so much for getting our Milo here to us.”
If your dogs and cats need to be relocated to the UK – or anywhere else in the world (and SA) – please talk to us: +27 11 976 3030 /


31 December 2020

This from her happy humans: “Hi Jessica. Sussie is home safe and sound. 💜♥️
If your dogs and cats need to join you in another country, please contact us at:
+27 11 976 3030 /

Dexter and Dee Dee

02 October 2020

This from their happy family: “Dear Danielle,
We would love to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and the Petwings team for bringing our fur babies safely to the UK. Everyone we have dealt with has been friendly, professional and a pet lover!
Thank you for answering our endless questions and always giving us peace of mind. We are so happy to have Dexter and Dee Dee back with our family!”


30 September 2020

This from his delighted mom: “Dear Janet
Thank you so much for following up with Harry.
I want to say a huge thank you, to you, and all the team at Keringa. It was a major achievement to get Harry to Australia, especially during this time.
Our Harry arrived in Perth on the 21st thanks to all your hard work and amazing efforts.
It was a difficult, tricky process getting him ready and without Petwings and the wonderful support at Midlands Clinic, it would not have been possible. It is comforting for John to have Harry with him until I can get there. I am still waiting for a flight to Perth in Johannesburg.
Harry, I am sure sends a very waggy tail your way (and as you know, probably a big lick as well!).
Many thanks again, I have sent a short video of Harry arriving in Perth and some pics of him attached to another email. I have also sent his Report Card from Jet Pets in Melbourne showing how well he behaved thanks to you.
Best wishes to everyone”

Max and Felix

11 September 2020

This from their delighted parents: “Morning Danielle
Sorry for the delay… my laptop was um… occupied 🙂 haha!
I couldn’t focus much on work on Monday and was watching their flight like someone watching a pregnancy test to see if there is a second blue line or not!!
Joss would also like to share a special thank you to Colin and the rest of the team responsible for the kennels. She was amazed at how clean everything was as well as the amount of attention and care they gave the kitties. I wasn’t there to share this experience but from the reference alone, I’m more than happy to share this gratitude.
Both boys are literally out cold. It’s been an interesting week for them and they are now resting properly. Felix is literally Comfort Level: 5000!
The biggest thank you to you and your team. People are always quick to complain but seldom turn around and appreciate great service. Please share our gratitude with the rest of your team!!
We endured an Uber and 2 trains to get home in the middle peak so they got a pleasant introduction to London living – haha. Yet, both managed very well.
We settled quite quickly at home after lots of exploring. Eating and drinking well. Had a good sleep but I was disrupted a good few times with Felix calling from the kitchen and not stopping until you came to him and Max, well… Max was exploring EVERY accessible surface!
Here are a few snaps of the babies in their new home.
Again, thank you. You will go highly recommended in conversation.
I trust that you have a great week further.
The warmest of regards”

Keringa Client

1 September 2020

We did it!!! Our beautiful babies are officially Australian citizens and are in our arms after nearly 8 months.

I cannot thank you and Keringa enough for getting them here…It has not been easy but you did it…with all the issues, you created a miracle. Thank you thank you thank you!!



2 September 2020

This from his ecstatic humans:
“Hello Danielle
Thanks so much for your amazing service. Herewith some happy pics – Kelvin is already settled in at Elani and he seems like a happy camper 😊.”


14 August 2020


Well done Jessica and the Keringa-Petwings team on another successful pet relocation 🎉💜🤩

Need your dogs and cats reunited with you anywhere the world?

Our amazing, friendly, professional pet transport agents can make your dream come true!
Tel: 27 11 976 3030

Milo and Cleo

25 August 2020

From their humans: “We have just got back home and dogs all over the place! Lovely to have them with us. Thanks so much to you and all the wonderful people who have cared for them over the last week. It is so greatly appreciated!”
Reference - Keringa Petwings pet travel service to get Noenoe to her new home.


12 August 2020

Hi Jessica

As promised an update on Noenoe. She completed her quarantine and arrived in Adelaide on Monday afternoon. She has settled in quite well. Back to her chatty and lovable self.
Again, we want to thank yourself and everyone at Keringa for your professional service and dedication to our fur baby. You reassured us of her well-being the whole time which in turn enabled us to stress less and focus on the road ahead. We would recommend you and your company to everyone immigrating with their pets.

Attached please see some pictures of the madam.

Thank you again and enjoy your day!!

Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Hunter, Sophie and Spooky

Hunter, Sophie and Spooky

28 July 2020

Hunter, Spooky and Sophie are reunited with their humans in their new home in DUBLIN!

This from their family: “Our furbabies arrived on Saturday and are settling in well as you can see by the attached pics 😊 Thank you for all that you have done for them. Please also thank Colin and the team. We couldn’t have managed without Keringa Petwings!!!

Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Mikka


15 July 2020

Mikka is home!

This email from her humans: “I have been trying to take a nice picture of Mikka for you all but she is just not co-operating!

She was very anxious the first couple of days but she is now back to normal and going outside and returning either when I call her or when it gets dark.

Thank you so very much for all your updates, hard work and perseverance. I honesty do appreciate it and it made me feel so much better knowing that she was taken care of. You were great.

All the best”

Keringa-Petwings can do the same for your fur babies: / 011 976 3030

Dixie and Harris

21 May 2020

Dearest Danielle (and Colin and Ina)

You guys are the best! I will never forget you and forever be thankful to you all. You are an amazing team.

Danielle thank you for re-uniting us with our precious pets. Your service and dedication is outstanding! You pulled off a miracle!!!!

Your agents in Atlanta were excellent too. They brought Dixie and Harris straight to our car. They did the whole customs and paperwork part for us.

All went so smoothly.

I am sure you guys all have job satisfaction in making pet lovers happy.

I will pray for your safety and lots of blessings for you all everyday!

All my love

Micha Hannemann

Luna & Dobby

14 May 2020

All the Pemberton’s are now in the UK! The furkids arrived on a BA Cargo flight after being stuck in SA due to lockdown. They were very excited exploring the garden, Dobby is desperately hunting for lizards (I have yet to break the news to him there aren’t any here!). They are now totally exhausted and fast asleep. It’s been a busy few days for them. So happy they are here ❤️

Thanks again for all you did to Gert them here safely!



18 March 2020

Hi Beth,

Simba finally got released today from Indonesian quarantine and is finally home.

Thanks for all the help!

Best Gerick and Angeline


21 February 2020

Hi Alta, thank you for the chat.

I cannot recommend Keringa kennels highly enough.

Keringa Kennels was there for me when I was at my very lowest, about to be hospitalized and needing care for my elderly, ill fur child Angel.
Thank goodness for Colin, Ina and Tarryn!!!!
They went above and beyond in their kindness to me. They were so compassionate and understanding.

One thing I did not have to worry about in hospital was Angel.

Absolutely 5 stars!

Keringa isnt a kennel for me, its family now!

Kind regards

Crumb, Holly, Moses & Storm

19 February 2020

Hi Cindy,

Just an update on the little ones.

Crumb, Holly, Moses & Storm finally arrived home just after 3pm on Saturday the 15th.

All the travel over the last two weeks and stress must have taken its toll because they arrived very skinny but settled in very quickly and well. Just taking your last weight for Crumb 7.8kg and yesterday we weighed him at Denver’s new practice only 7kg. But they are all eating well and relaxed.

I have attached some pics of kitties and a pic of Crumbs first visit to the beach yesterday. He had lots of fun.

Thank you and Colin and all the carers again for all your help and looking after our kids. We are so happy to have them home with us.

Take care!


8 February 2020

Ahh… Arrow arrived safely in a rather chilly Ontario, Canada to be reunited with his family!

We are so happy to hear that he is safe and sound and has settled into his new home!

Neel, we wish you and your family all the very best! ❤🐶


8 January 2020

Three months apart. Months of planning and preparation. One long flight all alone. Finally, we are reunited with our big baby Bella.

A huge big thank you to Mark at Keringa Petwings!


Bakaw & Chase

23 December 2019

Thank u for the excellent service.


Kai & Nova

19 December 2019

Hi Danielle,

Kai and Nova have arrived safely in the UAE and they are now in Al Ain at home. They had a bit of a run around and ate well and put themselves to bed after the long day.

See some pictures attached.

Thank you for getting them home.


Jack, Spencer & Rocco

14 December 2019

Hi Beth

Dogs were successfully delivered to the owner. There was a delay from KLM but all went good after that.

Picture attached.

Thank you for using our services.

Regards Mario


5 December 2019

Hi Charlotte

Just want to let you know that Jonty has just arrived at his new home.

Thank you so, so much for all your assistance getting Jonty to the UK.
It was really such a pleasure dealing with you – BEST SERVICE EVER.


Zeus & Gia

30 November 2019

Hi Danielle,

They have arrived safe and sound!!

Thank you SO much for all your help – it’s been amazing working with you guys to bring our babies home! I’ll be recommending you guys to EVERYONE!

Kind regards,

Sherlock, Araghorn, Jinja & Layla

28 November 2019

Hi Jessica,

I woke up this morning and am already stalking them on Flight Radar…

It is going to be a very long day.

I just want to say that I am so super impressed with all my dealings with you, nothing has ever been too much of a problem for you. Jessica, you are a true asset to Keringa and I will definitely send photos and updates when I have them in my arms.

Please send my thanks to everyone involved in looking after the Lawrence Floofies. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you…️

I will also miss all our conversations.

I will not hesitate to share my experiences of your amazing company, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Kindest Regards



10 January 2022

Well done to senior Petwings travel agent Mark Hindle, his assistant Niveshan Govender, and kennel manager Colin McNamara and his assistant Candise Schoeman, for looking after him and making sure that he got there safely!
This is the email they received from his happy family: “Hi Mark, Niveshan & Candise. Zigbee is safely home with us in Ireland. He seems so well and content. We are very grateful for your excellent service even through some very stressful and changing times.”


5 January 2022

“Yes, that’s my dog!” – Ginja’s excited little human 🌟
Mark Hindle, senior Petwings travel agent, and his assistant Niveshan Govender, received this email and the oh-so-cute video clip of the home-coming from her humans: “Ginja arrived at 6:30pm SA time last night. She is absolutely 100% perfect.
I have been so thrilled and impressed with Keringa’s amazing service. You and your team have been so professional and understanding. I have really appreciated the quick and clear communication and have felt completely at ease through the process of moving Ginja. Your kennels are fantastic and I appreciated their daily updates so much! The custom agents you selected here in SA have been fantastic too! We really appreciate all your hard work and effort! Especially going the extra mile sending a driver to Onderstepoort to collect her corrected blood results certificate! Thank you for bringing our baby home with the travel restrictions we have had to cancel our family visiting for Christmas but having Ginja arrive has been the best present! I can’t recommend Keringa enough. You guys are all fantastic!”


20 December 2021

Well done to Senior Petwings pet travel agent Danielle Smuts, who handled his travel arrangements – he went from Keringa in South Africa to Amsterdam to Edinburgh, Scotland.
She received this email from his humans: “Hi Danielle. Just a note to let you know that Berry is here at last and has settled right in. As promised some pictures. We are so happy that he has been able to come and live with us. Thanks again for all your help in getting him here.”
Trixie has arrived safely in UK with keringa pet transport by air to UK - keringa references


15 December 2021

Petwings pet travel agent Christina Jordao handled her transport.
Keringa-Petwings transports pets all around the world – and South Africa!


9 December 2021

Well done to Petwings pet travel agent Christina Jordao who arranged her journey.
This email from her humans: “Sindi is settling in nicely. We went for a walk in the snow this morning. She’s never seen that before.😃


23 November 2021

Well done to Petwings agent Mark Hindle and his assistant Niveshan Govender, who made it happen.
This email from his humans: “Just to let you all know that Wollie is home with us – safe and sound!
A massive thank you to each one of you and your team for your kindness and efficiency through the whole process. Wollie has been so well looked after and loved. Thank you Thank you! We’re so happy to have him home.”

Chai and Zoid

11 November 2021

Danielle Smuts, senior Petwings pet travel agent who handled their transport, received this email from their happy family: “Hi Danielle,
I’m sorry it’s taken so long to message you. The boys are at home with me and they are so well and healthy.
Thank you ever so much again to you and your team for your incredible service. These boys had such a weird week but I can see everyone put a lot of care into the process.”
Petwings transports pets all around the world (and throughout SA).
Chewbacca has arrived safely in UK with keringa pet transport by air to UK - keringa references


2 November 2021

Danielle Smuts, senior Petwings travel consultant, who handled Chewy’s transport arrangements, received this email from Chewy’s humans: “Morning Danielle. Everything went off without a hitch this side. Thanks for your great service. I attached some pics of our happy reunion below!”
Petwings transports pets worldwide ✈️
Morty and Eddy have arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Morty and Eddy

22 October 2021

This is the email their family sent to our amazing team: Petwings travel agent Cindy Pizzini, Keringa kennel manager Colin McNamara and assistant kennel manager Candise Schoeman:
“Hi Cindy, Colin and Candise. I hope this email finds you well.
We just wanted to give you the good news of Morty and Eddy’s arrival and we just wanted to thank you for all that you guys did to get them here and all you did for them while they were boarding there.
We’re really grateful that these boys were in such good hands.
We’re extremely happy to have them here so we can spoil them again.”

Suki and her mom

20 October 2021

This is the email her mom sent to our Petwings pet travel agent Christina Jordao:
“Dear Christina, After a very long time waiting at the customs office at the airport in Brussels, running from one office to the next to get stamps, signatures and more papers, I eventually could take Suki in my arms! It was very emotional and made me so happy! I spent almost 3 and a half hours there, but with a happy ending. Thank you for bringing my dog back after so long!”
Layla and Mully arrived safely in UK with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Layla and Mully

15 October 2021

Layla and Mully have made the UK their new home in no time at all!
Brooklyn has arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references


5 October 2021

His humans tell us that he’s loving it there and has already had a few swims in the sea ❤
Neptune and Neroli have arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Neptune and Neroli

22 September 2021

Neptune and Neroli are safe and sound with their humans in their new home in Australia 😽😽


15 September 2021

This is what a happy homecoming looks like Kimchi-style 🙂
Congo has arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references


25 August 2021

That special moment when you open his travel crate and then give him the biggest hugs … all the way home ❤❤❤
Petwings transports pet worldwide. For advice or a quote:
* Phone us: +27 11 976 3030
* Email us:
AND we do video calls at your convenience, too
(Image courtesy:
Hugo arrives safely in Brisbane Australia with Keringa Pet transport by air - Keringa references


16 August 2021

This email from his happy humans: “Hello Jessica! After a couple of hiccups here with cancelled flights, Hugo finally arrived home in Brisbane today. Thanks so much for all your help! He’s settling in nicely and we are so happy to have him home safe.”
If you’re planning a move, talk to us: we reunite dogs, cats and other pets with their people all around the word:
* Tel: 011 976 3030
* Email:
Image of Brisbane courtesy Wikipedia
Jess arrives safely in Netherlands with Keringa Pet transport by air - Keringa references


19 August 2021

Talk to a Petwings pet travel agent if your pet children need to join you in your new home – wherever in the world it is:
Tel: +27 11 976 3030
Skyla, Jubilee and Tyger have arrived salfey in Australia by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references

Skyle, Jubilee and Tyger

19 June 2021

Our awesome Petwings pet travel agent Jessica received this email from their mom: “Thanks again for all your help, always being available, friendly and supportive when handling all our 100’s of questions I was asking. We are really enjoying all the kitty and doggy cuddles since they have been home ❤️❤️❤️
We transport dogs and cats (and bunnies and birds and other precious pets) all around the world.
Chloe has arrived salfey in London by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references


27 May 2021

This email from her human: “Salutations Shirley-Ann. Took a while but we are all here safe and sound and loving life. Thanks again for everything you did to get Chloë here.”
We transport dogs, cats and other pets worldwide!


19 May 2021

We reunite furbabies with their families worldwide: chat to us at 011 976 3030 /
This from her mum: “Hi Christina. What a massive relief! Thank you so so much for all the organising and effort you have put in to get Nunu to New Zealand. I am very grateful for your professionalism and constant communication.”


05 May 2021

This from his human: “Hi Jessica 🤗🤗🤗 I really do want to say thank you so much. You were such a great help in a traumatic transition. I really missed (KAI) him and your updates really helped.
You are an awesome person that brings a lot of sunshine to the world. Wish you all the best and happiness.”
If your dogs and cats need to join you in your new country, please contact us – we’re making dreams come true all the time!

Hudson and Ralph

22 April 2021

HUDSON AND RALPH HAVE JOINED THEIR HUMANS IN THE UK! Have a look at the video clip of them as their travel containers are opened…..
This from their mom: ” Dear Ms Lucille (our CEO)
I hope you are well.
I would like to write this email to thank you and your staff for their dedication to getting our pets overseas and to us once again. In particular, I am writing to inform you that we worked with Shirley-Ann Annandale who has to be one of the most hard working and valuable members of your team. From day one she has continued to be in touch with me, has informed of the status of flights and explained the entire process to me patiently both on the phone and via email. Once our cats had left South Africa she understood our anxiety and continued to keep in touch with us to let us know that all was going according to plan. She checked in with us to see that they had arrived to us safely and when we had not received news she went above and beyond to ensure we were able to speak with someone at Heathrow to check our pets were okay and on their way. She even stayed up with us to check that our pets got to our door safely at 10pm South African time.
People like Shirley are a pleasure to work with because not only are they efficient and organised but they are not just doing this job as a job, this is their passion. For me that was really brought out in Shirley’s consistent dedication to our case especially when she knew how hard it was for the 11-15 hours of not knowing where our pets were and not being able to see them. Our pets are family and Shirley understood that. She is kind, passionate, empathetic and loyal. I think she is an asset to your team and one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her empathy was absolutely amazing and touched out hearts greatly. She truly cares about her clients and her pets in transportation.
Thank you Keringa Petwings and thank you Shirley for all you do. You don’t understand what it meant for us to have our pets reunited with us. Thank you so very much. Hudson and Ralph’s happy owners”
Keringa pet transport to the USA got Hodu home


24 March 2021

This from his humans: “Thanks very much! Appreciate your great service!”
Anu has arrived safley in New York with Keringa Pet Transport by Plane


10 March 2021

This from her humans: “Dear Danielle
Anu is exploring the whole apartment. He does indeed have a view, and has switched views of the hadedas for traffic 🙂
It did take longer than we wanted but given covid and the limited flights and other delays, I think you did great and communicated throughout so we were always aware of what was happening. We are very pleased you were there throughout the process…. and the wonderful, professional service we received from you.”
Wherever in the world you’re moving to, PETWINGS can send your dogs and cats to join the family!
Our Pet Transport Services are can help you travel your pets worldwide.

Roofles and Fifi

1 March 2021

This email from their family: “Danielle!! Where do I even even begin?? … You have been the most incredible, patient and super attentive person on our team! And that’s how we’ve felt, that you were on our side. I can’t thank you enough for helping us through this process, to unite us with our fur babies after months of being apart!
You’ve gone over and above our expectations and I couldn’t recommend you enough!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Harry arrived in the UK with Keringa pet transport by air


8 February 2021

This from his human: “Hello Christina
I would just like to thank you for your patience, persistence and going completely out of your way to get Harry to me as soon as you could.
He arrived safe and sound. Harry and I are extremely grateful to be together again.
Thank you again. Much appreciated.”
Tigger and Pablo travelled to Austrialia with Keringa pet transport by air - Petwings

Tigger and Pablo

26 January 2021

This from their human mom: “Dear Jessica
Thank you so very much. You are amazing. My boys are home and happy. We are over the moon. All the best in bringing so much joy to us.”
We transport dogs and cats to countries around the world and we can do the same for your family.
Max and Senna arrived to Australia with Keringa Petswings

Max and Senna

19 January 2021

This from their humans: “Hi Janet,
As promised some pics of Max & Senna, getting into the way of life in Australia. They are settling in so well and going for walks every day to the bay or park.
Thank you for all your assistance with getting our furpups to the other side. We appreciate it so much and would not have managed this if not for you and your efforts.
Forever thankful!”
We transport dogs and cats all over the world

Amico, Fiamma, Gianna, Gioia and Tigrino

4 December 2020

Amico, Fiamma, Gianna, Gioia and Tigrino
if your dogs and cats need to be relocated anywhere in the world, talk to the Keringa-Petwings team: 011 976 3030 /


20 October 2020

This email from her family:
“Hi Beth, I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that Mia has landed, we traveled to Charlotte and she is now in her new home. I’m very grateful for Keringa’s help with bringing Mia to me. Thank you for all your help 😊


22 September 2020

This from her delighted humans: “Hi Jessica and Janet,
We fetched Thandi from the airport yesterday and everyone was soooooo excited. Shame! She was really happy to see us too. She has met all our boys’ friends at school today and is taking a good nap now.
Thank you so much for your professional assistance and for patiently answering all questions and emails. We really appreciate it! Have a lovely day!”


4 September 2020

This from his mum: “Hi Jessica,
Jackpot seems to have settled in brilliantly with Wesley! Wesley is not the best pic taker, but here are a couple of Jackpot getting some sun. Thank you so much for all your reassurance and help! It’s seems Jackpot is far less stressed than I have been about all of this! ☺️ Take care”

The Spice Girls

1 September 2020

This from their delighted humans: “On the 5th of February 2020 a 7 month journey started for our little babies. I remember doing my first visit to Keringa to see what the facility was like and being met by Jessica who carefully and very diligently explained the procedures, and then having a tour of such an amazing kennel with an extraordinary kennel manager Collin.
On that day, when we dropped our 4 little babies at Keringa little did I know how special this relationship would be.
For just over 6 months my 4 girls were loved, played with, groomed , fed and treated like royalty.
We left RSA on the 5th Feb 2020 and today the 30th August my little girls are healthy and happy and reunited with us!!!
Jessica, thank-you for the updates, it was the highlight of my day to wake up and find a video or pictures or even just a few words letting me know how the girls are doing.
Thank-you for keeping me informed and explaining and taking care of all the tests and paperwork and just making it all seem so easy!!!
Thank-you Jessica for the flights, working tirelessly to find that spot on a plane to get them home, and always always being so positive and my shining light while I missed my little girls.
Collin, the treats, the food, the play time and making sure my little girls were spoilt, had enough little treats, the water pool for Penny, and getting Roxy to talk!!! Thank-you Collin for the games and the play time which we could see they loved every minute. Thank-you for the game time!!!!!!
To all the staff at Keringa who looked after our girls, I have no words to express my gratitude and I will forever be grateful to the exceptional care and love you all gave to my little girls.
Unlimited hugs to everyone
Lorna and The Spice Girls family!!!!”
Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Diesel and Louie

Diesel and Louie

24 July 2020

Another family reunited with their precious fur babies – this time in the UK!

This email from their humans: “Hi Danielle…. Just to thank you all again for looking after Diesel and Louie so well and getting them to the UK safely. They seem to be settling in well. Mark and Vicky”

Talk to our amazing Petwings team if you need your dogs or cats transported from South Africa to another country: 011 976 3030 or

Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Kito


2 July 2020

Kito is home and his family is over the moon! (He was meant to travel from SA to London – and then lockdown happened and his flight was postponed….)

But he’s home now – this email from his family: “Dear Danielle…. Kito is home safe and sound!!! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for all your efforts over the last few MONTHS …such a PROCESS! He’s so happy 😊

Keringa-Petwings is here to help reunite your family pets too!

Benji & Willow

18 May 2020

Dear Danielle,

I hope this find you well and that you had a good weekend.

Just and update on Benji and Willow. They are settling in nicely. Benji has found his happy place which is on my lap and has already been for a couple of walks along the country lanes with my husband and myself, which he enjoys.

 Willow has found a little place behind the bedside table where she spends her day sleeping, then at about 4ish she ventures out into the lounge and graces us with her presence and a tummy rub.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for everything you did to get the babies to us. Through this whole journey you were professional and showed so much compassion every step of the way. Constantly sending photos of Benji and Willow and also updates regarding the lock down situation in South Africa.

Please can you also pass on a big thank you to Colin and his team, who did an amazing job of loving and caring for Benji and Willow. He obviously takes great pride in his work and it certainly shows. His comments which accompanied some of the photos used to make me chuckle.

Take care of yourselves and I hope we can all get back to some sort of “normal” whatever that might be.

Kind regards,

Trish Salmon


14 May 2020

Thank you sooooo much for all the help! Bonsai actually moved to South Africa with us 4.5 years ago and is now home in the USA!! Attached pic! Bless you for your help! Bonsai is purring and so happy!!!


Bella & Snow

17 March 2020

Hi Jessica,

Bella and Snow arrived home yesterday. Some pics of them exploring the new place.
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support in making this process less stressful for us.



21 February 2020

Hi Charlotte

Just to thank you and the gentleman who came to deliver Jessica. We are very impressed with your service end to end.




14 February 2020

Hi Charlotte and the Keringa team,

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your assistance in relocating our four-legged child to the UK.

Charlotte and Tau, you are special people who obviously love animals and take pleasure in your jobs.
Your friendliness and professionalism made dealing with you an extremely pleasant experience.

Warmest regards

Andre, Lindsay, Alex and Phoebe


23 January 2020

Hi Charlotte

I just want to thank you once again for all your help.

We are finally back home and all went okay. We just struggled for eight and a half hour to get her loaded as it’s weekend here but I just pushed till the end.

Here are some pics – will share more.

Have a good day



8 January 2020

Good morning Danielle,

Pepper is now with us and seems very happy to see us. He is fine and has already found his marks in the new place.

Thank you for everything.

Have a nice day.



23 December 2019

Hi Jessica,

Daisy is safe and sound in Sydney! Thanks so much for all your help, our family is now complete.


Maya & Rosie

19 December 2019

Hi Taryn

Thank you so much for welcoming our fur babies to Keringa today. There was a lot of tears shed on the way home but we know they are in good hands and loving care!

As discussed with yourself and Tao (apologies for the spelling), we would love to receive WhatsApp messages and photos or email messages and photos with regards to our Maya and Rosie and how they are keeping.

Smooge & Pompedom

9 December 2020

Jolene & Keringa-Petwings Team

We want to thank you out of our hearts for the love and care that you gave our boys during a stressful time on route to Australia via Singapore. EVERYTHING went smooth and well, our boys are in quarantine in Melbourne at the moment and doing very well!

Thank you all!!
Smooge & Pompedom!
Dads Niel & Dirk


3 December 2019

Hi, Ruby safe and sound.

Thank you.

Kind regards


26 November 2019

Hi Beth,

Thank you so much for your outstanding service,we will definitely recommend you to all our associates and please feel free to use us for a reverence!

Rudi & Amy


1 November 2019

Good Morning Mark and Danielle,

We would like to thank Petwings for everything you have done for us over the past few months and sticking it out with us.

We had a few little speed-bump’s along the way but the important thing is all our doggies got here safe and sound.

Your understanding and professionalism was much appreciated and with you permission we would like to post a reference for you on FB.

Respectfully Yours,


Zaza & Walter

21 November 2019

Good morning Danielle

I just wanted to say another big thank you for your amazing service and all the reassurance that you gave us along the way.

I know our kitties must have had a great stay with you as well as they were so happy and relaxed when they arrived here.

We are all so happy to have them with us.

Please also pass on our great big thanks to Colin. I can finally send him some pictures.

Love from
Stewart, Emma, Rachel, Rosalie, Zaza and Walter

Domino and Yogi

03 July 2019

Hello Alta,

I apologise for taking so long to respond. I had no signal yesterday.

We found the address for the customs office at the cargo hold for Air France.

After some sweettalking we managed to get the cats checked and eventually hot the home.

They are settling in well and seem quite happy.

Thank you so very much for all your efforts and assistance through the whole process. I sincerely appreciate your dedication and empathy!

Kind regards and many thanks!!!


Jack & Izzy

14 December 2019

Hi Cindy and Lenny

Just want to say thanks to Cindy at Keringa-Petwings (South Africa) and Lenny at Petravellers (Australia) for taking good care of our babies. They look good and are happy to be home.

We would not have been able to do this move with out all your assistance and patience.

Here are two pic of Jack and Izzy safely back with their family.

Big thanks again.


Jozi, Guinness & Schnapps

3 December 2019

Hi Danielle,

So sorry I forgot to let you know on Friday that Jozi and the cats arrived safely! They have settled into their new home very well.

Thanks for taking such good care of them. I’ve attached some photos of them in their new home.



21 November 2019

Morning Mark,

They have 🙂 thank you guys so much for the excellent experience moving our dogs. It all went seemlessly and had no troubles at all.

They just need to adjust to the change of temperature 🙂



7 December 2019

Good day Charlotte,

Roger arrived safely in Amsterdam yesterday.

Thank you and kind regards,
Wim and Yokov

Maya & Dylan

09 July 2019

Hi guys,

Hope you are well.

Here are some photos of them on their walks today.  They are doing better and look more relaxed today.  We are so happy that we chose you guys to look after our babies and get them to us safely.

Have a great day.

Kind Regards

Madeleine Serfontein


7 January 2022

Well done to Petwings pet travel agent Christina Jordao for handling his trip and making sure he arrived safe and sound!
Holly and Spice have arrived safely in New Zealand with keringa pet transport by air to New Zealand - keringa references

Holly and Spice

4 January 2022

Well done to Petwings pet travel agent Jessica Grant for handling their transport arrangements and to Keringa’s kennel manager Colin McNamara and his team for looking after them until they left.
This email from Holly and Spice’s humans: “Hi Jessica. Our babies have arrived safely and they are very happy, enjoying the freedom of walking on the beach and endless playing!
Although it was almost 10 months, they are still as loving and remember all their tricks. I am so grateful for the immaculate condition they are in. You and the team did an amazing job of caring for them! Thank you once again!”
CASSIE, VANILLA AND BASIL IS SAFE IN THE Netherlands with Keringa pet transport - Keringa references

Cassie, Vanilla and Basil

20 December 2021

Senior Petwings agent Danielle Smuts received this email from their family: “Thank you so much for all your effort! You were at ease and kept us going with the whole process. We are so extremely grateful! We will definitely recommend family and friends to make use of your services!
They are half settled, but it will take a while to get used to the big, busy city. I think they are just happy to be with us, and we are too!
Thanks again for everything! I am attaching a few photos. “
Bailey has arrived safely in UK with keringa pet transport by air to UK - keringa references

Bailey the bunny

15 December 2021

Petwings senior pet travel agent Danielle Smuts arranged Bailey the Bun’s safe transport from Port Elizabeth – to Keringa in Gauteng – and then to Ireland – and finally the ultimate destination being the UK 😃
This email from her humans: “Hi everyone. We have successfully flown our rabbit over to Ireland through Danielle at Keringa-Petwings. She was incredible. Keeping me calm, answering all my endless questions and keeping me updated all the way. We were already living in the UK and sent for her. Her flight was from PE to Jhb onto Netherlands and then Ireland. She was calm, happy and alert when she arrived. She ate straight away and has been vet checked and vaccinated and is her normal self. I privately arranged to board her in a home away from home environment boarding house in Ireland that caters specifically to small pets for the 4 months until I could arrange to have her brought to us from Ireland and bring her into the UK. Just wanted to give those of you with bunnies some hope that although it may seem impossible there is a way. Bailey was our only bun in SA and we had the privilege of adopting a very special boy who had a tough start in life. They are fully bonded now and so happy together.
I can highly recommend Danielle at Keringa Pets.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting our girl to us safely.”

Mila and Miyagi

5 December 2021

Petwings senior pet travel agent Danielle Smuts, who handled their transport, received this email from their family: “Dankie Danielle… die twee’tjies is nou baie happy en by die huis. Baie dankie vir jou moeite en die updates, waardeer dit regtig baie.”


24 November 2021

Senior Petwings Pet Travel Agent Danielle Smuts, who handled Frankie’s travels from A – Z, received this email from Frankie’s folks: “We’ve got Frankie! All very professional this side and organised. We cannot thank you enough Danielle. You’ve have been absolutely amazing.”
Petwings transports pets all around South Africa and overseas.
Katia and Liza have arrived safely in Serbia with keringa pet transport by air to Serbia - keringa references

Katia and Liza

22 November 2021

Our Petwings agent Christina Jordao, who handled their travel arrangements, received this email from their folks: “Hi Christina,
Thank you very much for keeping in touch and your assistance. It took a bit of time … but the kitties are doing well, they are already very playful and act like Serbia is their new home 🙂
PETWINGS transports dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and other loved family members worldwide!
Nymeria has arrived safely in UK with keringa pet transport by air to UK - keringa references


5 November 2021

Petwings senior pet travel agent Danielle Smuts made it happen, and this is the email she received from Nymeria’s humans:
“Dear Danielle
Nymeria is finally in her new home in the UK, safe and sound.
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you especially. You have been absolutely amazing during this journey and I can’t imagine having done this without you and Keringa Petwings.
I can’t believe how much work and patience has gone in to this. I am so relieved to have her safely on the other side.
I’ve attached some pics of her in her new digs in Surrey.
I will be singing yours and Petwings’ praises for all who will listen for years to come.
Thank you again and all the very best for the future.”
Jozi has arrived safely in Dubai with keringa pet transport by air to Dubai - keringa references


27 October 2021

His humans sent this email to their Petwings travel agent Niveshan Govender, who made it happen: “Good day Niveshan. Jozi arrived this morning. He is a bit tired … but he is doing very well. We are really happy with Keringa services: I (was) always updated with pictures and phone calls which I appreciated.
Please find attached pictures of Jozi having some rest and discovering his new apartment in Dubai 🙂 – thank you very much for your assistance.”
Steffi and Novak have arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air to australia - keringa references

Steffi and Novak

20 October 2021

This is what their humans had to say about our Petwings agent Jessica Grant: “Hi Jessica, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done, all of which started in April 2020.
All this time I sat very quietly and observed, and I can honestly say I have never met anyone as patient and professional as you! I am so happy we found you.
If we don’t speak much once the babies are here, please know that we will always remember you as the person who made this all possible.
I am sure J would agree that if you ever come to this part of the world (Melbourne, or wherever we may live at a later stage) that you must please be in contact. And depending on our circumstances at that stage, stay for a couple of days with us, or let us be your tour guides – think about it!!”
Petwings transports cats, dogs and other loved pets all around the world – from countries A – Z.

Lexie and Bea

13 October 2021

This email from their humans: “Hi Jessica,
I hope you are well. It’s been crazy since the babies arrived! So great and a lot to get used to lol they are doing very well, can see they are back to themselves like they never left.
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking care of our babies and treating them like your own. We would definitely recommend Petwings to everyone it’s been such an easy and effortless journey all thanks to you ❤️❤️
We are so grateful for all you and your team have done. It has been a 100 times easier getting the dogs here than getting ourselves here and all thanks to your efforts.
Please stay safe and take care of yourselves. We will definitely be recommending your services to anyone enquiring. It was worth every cent.”
Cosmo has arrived safely in Canada with keringa pet transport by air to canada - keringa references


28 September 2021

This email from his human: “Hi Christina! Cosmo has arrived safely! A huge thank you for all your help. He’s settling in nicely and seems very happy to be here.”
3 Furbabies have arrived safely - keringa references

3 Furbabies

22 September 2021

“Keringa imported my 3 furbabies when they were only 7 months old. You are the best in the business and we are so happy to use your services!
Lexi Molly and Furgason arrived safely in Australia with Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references

Lexi, Molly and Furgason

20 August 2021

This email from their family: “HI Jessica. I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work over the last 20 months or so – the dogs finally arrived safely in Perth last night. Thank you again for everything , you were amazing to work with.”
We reunite dogs and cats (and other pets) with their families all around the world and we can do the same for you.
Chat to us:
Tel: +27 11 976 3030 / or have a look at our website
Tiger and Astrix have safley arrived in Australia with Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references

Tiger and Astrix

6 August 2021

SAFE AND SOUND IN AUSTRALIA: Tiger and Astrix are home! ❤❤❤
This email from their humans: “With 2 cancelled flights, some more kennel boarding and finally a secured flight the boys arrived home late last night. They have settled in as expected. Tiger as always is happy as long as he has his loves and Astrix is slowly getting more chatter. Thanks again for taking extra special care of them and treating them as your own.😊
Memory of Pixel safely travelling with Keringa pet transport to New Zealand - keringa references


27 July 2021

FROM PIXEL’S GRAN: “Your email brought back many good memories about how well your staff looked after my daughter’s little Scotty Pixel in quarantine before she was flown to New Zealand in late 2011, and then a few years later onto Australia where my daughter and her husband finally settled. Thank you so very much and I hope you are all well and safe and that Keringa goes from strength to strength.”
Just wanted to share 😍
Petwings, Keringa’s pet transportation division, flies dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and even lizards to new homes all around the world.
Prada has arrived salfey in Ireland by Keringa Pet Travel by air - Keringa references


1 June 2021

This is from her human Ceri Bee:
“Bringing my pet bunny, Prada, from South Africa to Ireland.
Agent: Danielle Smuts from Keringa Petwings
100/10 would recommend for ANY pet emigration from South Africa
“My agent, Danielle … also has a bunny that ironically looks just like Prada but is double the size. Who better to trust than another bunny mum?
Skip the 200+ emails later, admin, vet checks, microchip, live import permits, pet hotel bookings, etc and Prada was on her first flight out of Cape Town on the 24th of May. Danielle dealt with all my ridiculous questions easily and was very quick and efficient. I was sick to my stomach from the 24th until the 26th, worried if Prada was alright and going to manage the flight well. Rabbits are incredibly sensitive creatures and anything can happen if fed incorrect diets or put into stressful situations.
Danielle, managed everything with absolute ease and confidence, always updating me with photos and messages which took a load of stress off myself. On the 27th I left Ballina around 7am and drove into Dublin at 10.47am. This was the craziest experience – as I was driving towards the airport Prada’s flight was approaching the landing at the same time almost in tandem with myself…. The moment I saw Prada I requested to unlock the cage so I can sit with her in the car and check she is alright, feed her some water and a treat to see she was in good condition. She sat in my lap and immediately started showering me with kisses as I tried my best to syringe feed her water and a grape. She ate the grape and I knew she was alright, a long four day journey and she was 100% fine, the most resilient bunny that only weighs 944 grams. She’s taken about three days to settle into our new home. It’s just her and I, morning and night petting and kisses, she’s returning to self.
Here’s to our new home, just her and I doing our own thing all the way in the West Coast of Ireland. A South African Afrikaans bunny and myself. I have no idea where we are going next but we’ll enjoy these moments for now.
Please consider contacting Danielle Smuts for any and all pet emigration. If she can manage a fussy mum and perfect handling and care of Pradatjie then you can rest assured your pet will be in the best of hands.”
Danielle and the rest of the amazing Petwings team are just a phone call or email away from reuniting you with your furbabies:
011 976 3030 /
Bullet arrived safely in Australia with keringa pet transport by air - Keringa references


14 May 2021

This from her happy humans: “Hi Jessica
Just thought I would let you know that Bullet finally arrived home last night! ♥️
We were so happy to see her and she absolutely loves her new home and the beach!!
Thank you for the huge part you played in reuniting us with our little girl!!”
Australia, New Zealand, UAE, UK, Israel, Europe, Asia, Russia…. or to the next province – Petwings transports dogs and cats all over the world!
Sete arrived in South Africa succesfully with Keringa Pet Transport by air


10 May 2021

SETE HAS ARRIVED IN SOUTH AFRICA! Another successful import by the Petwings team!
This from his human: “Hi Mark and Team. Once again, thank you very much for your assistance in getting Sete to South Africa….he is enjoying beach life!”
Dusty and Bailey are safley in Avis with Keringa worldwide pet transport

Dusty and Bailey

06 May 2021

This is the email sent to our super-terrific pet travel agent Danielle: “Good morning Danielle. Aw they heading out to start their new adventure with us… we are so excited to see them …. I can’t express enough my gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done to assist us, it’s been lovely to deal with you and your staff there at Keringa and by all the updates and photos it looks like Dusty and Bailey may be missing you all as I think they have had a fun time 😁.
I will definitely recommend Keringa/Petwings to friends and family, it has been a real pleasure and I can see how at Keringa you all make sure the fur babies’ needs are tendered to and with so much love.
Thank you again for everything 🤗
We transport dogs and cats worldwide!
Cheetah and Coucous have arrived in New Zealand with Keringa Pet transport by air - Keringa Reference

Cheetah and Couscous

03 May 2021

This from their humans: “Hello there! We’re getting ourselves organised here. Cousy has settled well, but Cheetah is very nervous – farm dogs and cows are very strange things! But we have a cosy new bed for them and things are better every day xxxxx
Thank you for getting them all the way to NZ! xxxxx”

Tiziana Plaskitt

26 April 2021

This from another happy family – well done Danielle 🙂 We reunite pets with their humans all around the world: chat to us on 011 976 3030 or if you need to get the family together!

Jessie, Buster and Tinkerbelle

21 April 2021

Our amazing Petwings team is making dreams come true all the time and reuniting dogs and cats with their people worldwide 🥰


19 April 2021

This is from her mom: “Dear Mark… Just wanted to thank-you so
much for arranging the safe and seamless arrival of Sam in South Africa!”
We transport dogs and cats all around the world (as well as all around South Africa).

Ziggy and Brienne

13 March 2021


Roley the dog who arrived in the UK with Keringa pet transport by air


18 February 2021

This from his human: “Hello Shirley-Ann
I hope you are well.
Please see photographs of Roley on the day after he arrived in the UK. The other dog is Roxy, who Petwings also brought over in July 2020. They seem happy to be back together.”
We reunite dogs and cats with their humans all around the world. Talk to us if you need your pets transported to another country (or to another town or province: +27 11 976 3030 /
Pets arrive safely in with Keringa's pet transport to Mauritius

Chichi, Chip, Tigger and Lorlor

15 February 2021

This email from their happy humans: “Hi Shirley & Team
Hope you are all well.
Well it has taken us a good part of the last 17 days to get to Mauritius and we are finally here.
Thank you so much for how you looked after our cats in your kennels. The best part of your place is the care and passion you all have for your work
I appreciate your going the extra mile and assisting us in the turmoil between cancelled flights for us and our cats.
We will always remember you.
I will send you some pics of the babies in quarantine here. They have many toys and friends who visit too.
Thank you all again for all your hard work and efforts.”

Roxy and Jessie

22 January 2021

We transport dogs and cats all over the world.
Play Video

Puma and Princess

22 January 2021

Puma and Princess have arrived safely in the UK!
With Keringa Petwings, we can help travel your pets worldwide.


23 November 2020

Zoe has arrived safely in the UK!
Talk to us if you need your dogs and cats relocated anywhere in the world: 27 11 976 3030 /

Senna and Max

15 October 2020

We fly dogs and cats to countries all around the world.
+27 11 976 3030 /🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾✈️✈️✈️
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Lucy and Bailey

02 November 2020

Lucy and Bailey have arrived safely in Australia! Well done Petwings pet travel agent Jessica!
Talk to us if you need your dogs and cats relocated anywhere in the world: 27 11 976 3030 /

Penny and Bolt

30 October 2020

This from their mum: “Hi Beth, quick note to say the family is reunited and everyone is very happy to be together again.
Thank you for all your assistance and support.”


22 October 2020

A Bearded Dragon!
Well done to our amazing Petwings manager Danielle for reuniting Toothless with his humans! (And the dogs are flying out soon to join the family)
If your cats, dogs or bearded dragons 🦎❣️ need to be relocated to another country, talk to the Petwings team: they’re a call or an email away: 27 011 976 3030 /


14 October 2020

This from his happy mom: “Morning dear Beth and Danielle,
Sorry for not writing to you earlier. Leo came home on Thursday. He is already more adapted and very happy. Thank you so much for everything.”
June and her humans - keringa pet air transport


12 October 2020

This from her happy family: “Hi Jessica,
I just wanted to share the good news with you. After 4 or 5 cancelled and bumped flights since July 2020, we finally made it to Australia. Completed our 14 days compulsory hotel quarantine and tonight we were reunited with June. She was so happy to see us, and we were just as happy to see her again.
Thanks for being apart of our journey! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.”

James and Mila

05 October 2020

This email from their delighted family: “James and Mila have arrived safe and sound and they are so ready to get out of their crates to explore! Couldn’t take a clear picture of them as they were busy walking around, so I only got pictures when they were back in their crates 😅.
And this lovely message from the Singapore agent: “Hope to work with your team again, it has been wonderful! You have an amazing day!”
Well done Petwings manager Danielle : this wasn’t an easy one to arrange but you went waaaaay more than the extra to make it happen! (These pets were due to go in March, then lockdown happened and the blood test expired, tells Danielle. She then went on a mission to get official approval from all parties that IDEXX may be used for the rabies tests for Singapore. She worked on it for 2 months and finally received the required letter on Friday after another fighting battle and IDEXX is now officially approved for testing to Singapore 😃! These kitties will now be quarantined for 30 days in Singapore!!!!”

Bella and Daisie

20 September 2020

This from their happy family: “Bella and Daisie arrived in Brisbane 21:35 – Aus time on Tuesday evening. They are in good health and very happy to see us.
Thank you very much for your help and also Janet. We really do appreciate it.
PS: The toys made it to Australia🤗


25 August 2020

From his humans: “Hi Jessica… Cronos is finally at home in New Zealand! He is following his daddy around everywhere!
Thank you for all your patience in this time and all the massive effort to get him there.”

Snoekie and Casey

16 August 2020

And they are HOME!!!! Thanks to … Keringa (Jessica, Janet & Colin) who made sure we followed all the self-quarantine procedures and making sure they were well taken care of. There are really no words but to say THANK YOU to all. Last night we were so emotional we couldn’t even take a proper video…. but they are home!!! And we could cuddle up with them this morning…. no words for that feeling again… From Nelspruit Mapumalanga South Africa to Singleton NSW Australia, 8month apart due to COVID19, a very long flight, Melbourne Quarantine, and an 8/10 hour drive… and you’re HOME!!! ….. We thank GOD for placing all these people on your path to be reunited with us. Now we can enjoy the Auzzy animal friendly lifestyle…. xxx

Reference - Keringa Petwings pet transport service to get Mona Lisa and Tank to their new home.

Mona Lisa and Tank

7 August 2020

Thank you so much Jessica for getting Mona Lisa and Tank to Australia after all the Covid delays. And thank you so much for answering every single question with such patience and kindness! Emigrating during this pandemic was stressful enough and after their flights were cancelled in April, I almost lost hope that we would see them anytime soon. BUT you made it happen and 
got my babies here!!! It took them only 2 days to settle in completely and our family is finally together again. Thank you so so much for everything!!
Reference - Keringa Petwings pet transport service to get Mickey and Minnie to their new home.

Mickey and Minnie

7 August 2020


Mickey and Minnie are staying at Keringa while they do their 14-day quarantine before leaving to join their humans in Dubai (UAE)…. so much cuteness!

IMPORTANT: Keringa-Petwings is one of only a very few government-registered pre-export pet quarantine facilities in South Africa as per IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association). Please be careful when choosing a company to transport your beloved pets…..

Reference - Keringa Petwings pet transport service to get Lilly to her new home.


4 August 2020


This from Lilly’s happy humans: “Hi Beth…. I just wanted to let you know that Lilly arrived safely and she is with me at Zoo Logistics. Thank you for getting her here. Best regards, Warren”

Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Alice and River

Alive and River

20 July 2020

Good morning Ingrid

I just cried a little when I received the email below…. these kitties have been with us since the 20th of March. They were scheduled to leave for Shanghai on the 26th of March – and then lockdown happened.

When the Shanghai route DID open again, we were told they had to wait for customs releases from their owners. We then tried the Beijing route which opened briefly – only to close again as a result of a new spike in Covid-19 cases and the introduction of a 30-day quarantine period. Not long after that, we were advised that Beijing had closed its borders completely and were not allowing pets into the country at all.

The client and I then looked at sending the kitties to Hong Kong and on to Shanghai from there. After being booked on the Singapore route, the airline advised us that it had was no longer able to land in Hong Kong, again as a result of the pandemic.

Finally, good news! British Airways allowed us to book them on a flight scheduled flight for the 29th of July. And then even better news: we managed to get them on an earlier BA flight and get clearance for them over the weekend! They left for their new home on 17th July 😃.

I received the email from their owner this morning:

*** Dear Danielle,

Alice and River have just arrived sound and safe and are busy sniffing around their new home.

I cannot tell you how happy and relieved we are to finally be reunited. Thank you and the whole team so much for all you have done to make this happen. Please forward my warmest gratitude to Colin and the kennel team as well for taking such good care of our kitties!”

Warm regards,


Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Tokoloshe


29 June 2020

Tokoloshe the cat is safe and sound in her new home on The Isle of Man!

This letter from her family: “The Boss has landed and is settled in… she came out of her carrier like a seasoned jet setter!!😎

Thank you for all your hard work, and already I have recommended you, to people who are thinking of travelling with their pets.

She has just had her breakfast and is having a “Post meal nap” so I am getting some peace 😂

I have attached some photos. The first is Johan had to drive onto the boat to collect her, (Thank goodness as the carrier is darned heavy!)🏋️‍♂‍

The second was her first taste of freedom on the Isle of Man.

The third enjoying the food laid out for her 🍽

And the fourth is letting her snack settle before doing a recon of the new abode!! (Seems to have gotten the seal of approval)

Many many thanks for all your hard work and planning, it all went smoothly.

Best regards

Antoinette, Johan and Tokoloshe”

Keringa Petwings pet transport services reference image of Skyla


27 June 2020

Hi Danielle

Skyla is with us in her new home. Thank you so much for all the arrangements and everything you’ve done. You guys are so professional and handled everything so well. We appreciate it very, very much and will definitely recommend your services to everyone else that needs to relocate their pets.

Thank you 😊🙏🏼


Buddy & Shay

15 May 2020

Love, love the videos- You have done brilliantly Colin, Thank you sooooooo much. What great choices for them , I couldn’t have done better myself.

Shay’s bed looks so warm and comfy , you will never get her out of it. She will quickly turn it into a ‘ Shay lounge’ drapes in her new pink feather bow. Can’t you just picture it! 

All those wonderful toys will keep her amused for hrs. She never really played with toys here,  Buddy was always sticking her nose into the game!!  I hope she purred you a  ‘ Thank you’ and followed with a nose lick!

Oh Buddy, look at that gorgeous ensemble! 

We never get anything like that here- complete with a hood. I guess you can say now ‘ Buddy is in ‘ da hood’ – sorry really bad pun. A great choice. Well done choosing her a squeaky ball ( rugby do I see) ….she must be beside herself with excitement. 

The Girls now have some new bling and life is good..

How can I thank you for doing the Winter shopping for our girls. “Above and beyond “ the call to duty Colin, I am so grateful for your time and effort you put in. I paid the bill this afternoon, i can’t believe all that for R1000 ….Forget Australia, I’m coming to live in South Africa,

Off to make our next cocktail surprise ….curaçao and ??

From our happy Petwings client – M


4 March 2020

Hi Beth

Just to say everything went well and Dash is with us happy and safe. Thank you for all your help and assistance and a well done to all of you.

Your company and service has been outstanding.

Thank you

Duke & Zenda

11 February 2020

Hi ladies

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the constant updates and for looking after my babies for so long.

They are finally back where they belong and look slightly thinner but still healthy.

Wishing you and your team a successful year.

The Rieck family

Keringa Bunking Calendar

17 January 2020

Good morning Alta

Thank you so much. I received my one when I fetched Gimli. It is on my kitchen wall.

Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave Gimli while he was there. We really do appreciate it.


Alfie, Nikki, Gus & Harriet

15 January 2020

Good day,

To each and every person working at Keringa Kennels I wish to convey my deepest gratitude for looking after our two dogs, Alfie and Nikki and our two cats, Gus and Harriet whilst we were away on holiday. Thank you for working tirelessly over the December holidays feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures. We as a family appreciate it very, very much.

Our furry family members have bright and shiny coats and they were very happy to see each other after spending nearly three weeks apart. They have settled back into their routine straight away!

May you all have a blessed New Year and a safe 2020.

Warmest wishes.
Inge Stockenström


21 December 2019

Hi Danielle,

Spencer arrived safely – we got him around 4pm.Thxs so much for looking after him so well / he is now settling in.


Daisy & Samson

29 November 2019

Hi Danielle,

I forgot to let you know, but the doggies are safe & sound.

Thank you for the effort and for everything you did to make their journey smooth and easy.

We are very happy with the service we received!

Take care and all the best!

Matei & Alexandra


09 July 2019

He’s here!!! What fantastic service! Thank you sooooo much Alta!!


From: madeleine Truter
Sent: Friday, 19 July 2019 00:18
To: Emigration <>
Subject: Bella’s reunited!

Hi Jessica

I already posted on Keringa’s FB page as well, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you took care of everything and when I worried, you arranged everything!

We fetched her and was so relieved to see that she was well fed, and in good condition in an amazingly well built custom crate. Thank you for helping us reunite!

Madeleine Truter

From: Nicole Munro
Sent: Friday, 19 July 2019 00:44
To: Emigration <>
Subject: Re: Brody Goodrich

Dear Jessica, Simone, Colin and everyone who worked and assisted with Brody (I don’t know everyones’ names)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, your work and dedication to my boy was amazing and I cannot thank you enough for getting him to NZ safely and healthy. It has meant EVERYTHING to me that he is finally here safely and our family is one step closer to being reunited.

Everyone I met and encountered at Keringa was amazing and I could see that Brody loved everyone and was very comfortable and happy there.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards

Nicole Goodrich

From: sonia cristina Vasconcelos
Sent: Tuesday, 06 August 2019 09:34
To: Alta Harries <>
Subject: Mr Wiggles

Dear Alta

I would like to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your patience in always being prompt and answering all of my questions! Thank you for your way of always keeping me calm!

Most importantly THANK YOU for getting Wiggles safe to us!

We will recommend you and your company at any given time.

Wish you all the best, God Bless

Sonia Santos & Mr Wiggles 😉

From: Alice Stileman
Sent: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 16:58
To: Alta Harries <>
Subject: Sheko

All happy. Thank you for the most wonderful and efficient service. We are so grateful. It’s wonderful to see Sheko.
Her collar is missing but perhaps she should not have had it on ? It’s a red beaded on with her name tag on
Thank you once against .  I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone asking

From: Varushka Bachan
Sent: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 16:24
To: Alta Harries <>
Subject: Re: Petwings contract

Hi Alta,

Thank you very much for your assistance and good work.

The pets have arrived safely at their new home. They are all well and happy.

Herman was really wonderful as well and kept us informed.

Thanks to you and Petwings for assisting us with this difficult task. I will certainly recommend you in future.

Kind regards,


From: Reception1 <>
Sent: Friday, 17 May 2019 09:39
To: Clinic <>
Subject: Astro, Mila and Meis Truter in P134, please send to customer


Hoop dit gaan goed.

Ek wou nog die heeltyd terug antwoord, maar kom nie daarby uit nie.

Wil net baie dankie se dat jul so mooi na ons kinders gekyk het. Ons het die epos baie waardeer en dit wys hoeveel moeite jul insit.

Ek was veral beindruk toe ek die dag met Collin gepraat het, die dinge wat hy gese het oor ons honde het gewys dat hy tyd saam met hul spandeer het en hy kon hul mooi opsom.

Baie dankie



From: Caroline Smith
Sent: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 10:10
To: Alta Harries <>
Subject: Thank you from Hermanus

Dear Alta
I’m sorry to have missed you on the phone this afternoon to let you know that we have arrived home safely in Hermanus. It has been a very long day, with bad weather, heavy driving rain and thick mist to start it off, so we’re pleased to be back and off the road. Siefer, Chouli and Mr. Finn have all had something to eat and are now knackered out on my bed for an early night. It is wonderful to all be together at last.

Thank you so much for looking after my pets whilst I moved from Jo’burg down to the Western Cape. All three look in splendid condition and are content and relaxed. Their travel arrangements went like clockwork today, thanks to your flawless planning and execution and they were ready and waiting for me at the BidAir Pet Lounge in Cape Town. A huge thank you to Colin and his team of wonderful kennel men for their special care of my three beloved pets over the past two weeks. It gave me great comfort over this relocation period to know that they were well cared for and in safe hands and I especially appreciated his regular updates and photos. From start to finish, the whole Keringa Petwings travel experience was professional, well organized and stress free and I will recommend your business highly in the future.

With best wishes, warm thanks and hugs to you all,

From: Jené Basson
Sent: Saturday, 18 May 2019 18:23
To: Alta Harries <>
Subject: Re: ok to forward for two live cats 17/May

Good afternoon Alta

Mushu and Jinx are safe and sound at their new house. Thank you so much for all your love and care.

From: Lente Marais

Sent: Monday, 29 April 2019 10:40

To: Alta Harries <>

Subject: Liloh in Norway

Goeie dag Alta,

Wou net laat weet dat Liloh veilig en ongeskonde in Oslo arriveer het. Sy het regtig baie baie goed gedoen en als met Lufthansa het soos verwag met “German precision” verloop.

Sy het onmiddelik aangepas asof daar sopas geen ontwrigting plaasgevind het. Sy is waarlik ‘n Godgegewe besonderse dier.

Baie baie dankie aan jou as kontak persoon en “friendly human voice” by Keringa Petwings, wat weereens als profesioneel hanteer het en glad en effektief laat verloop het.

Ons maak beslis weer kontak met julle vir toekomstige reis doeleindes.

Vriendelike groete uit Oslo


From: Shaun Donoghue
Sent: Thursday, 16 May 2019 10:39
To: Petwings6

Subject: Re: Flight details for Shumie & Tommy

Hi Shirene,

The dogs landed safely in the Netherlands yesterday. A big “thank you” to you and your team for all the help!

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groeten,

Shaun Donoghue

Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for all your assistance in getting Timmy and Cassy to New Zealand. They arrived at their new home last night and there was a great deal of excitement all round!!

As you can see from the pic, they are in good shape and seem to be settling quickly in their new spot.

From the Evans family, we really do just want to say a huge thank you to you all for your hard work and kind assistance through this process, we are really happy to have our family together again!!

Happy dogs reunited with their owner

06 April 2016 at 11:48

Good morning All,

Just to confirm that Sporran arrived safely in the UK yesterday morning. The process at the HARC went smoothly and quickly, the staff and Sarah kept us up to date promptly and we were on the road heading north before lunchtime.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and effort. Sporran was an angel on the drive with no issues and seems quite unfazed at the whole adventure.

We will certainly advise family and friends to utilize your services for pet travel.
With many thanks and kind regards,

Caroline and Andy – special thanks from Sporran too!

05 April 2016 at 10:48

Beste Luzaan,

Baie baie dankie vir al die reelings met Graci. Sy is veilig in ons hande hier in Leipzig.
Dit gaan baie goed met haar en baie dankie vir julle profesionele wonderlike diens.

Groete Graci, Sunette en Edwin

04 April 2016 at 10:00

Dear Jolene

I would truly like to THANK YOU, Keringa and Petwings – the service that we have received from you all has been nothing short of REMARKABLE!!! From our first inquiry about how to transport our kitties to the final email saying that had left your care.
I am pleased to let you know that I collected them from Canberra airport this afternoon and although they are still very uncertain of their surroundings they are in impeccable condition and their Daddy and Mommy are extremely happy to have them home.
Please find some photos attached.

Once again THANKS a million – I will gladly recommend you to any one who is immigrating.
Take care and enjoy your week.

04 April 2016 at 08:00

Hi there

I would like to inform you that we collected Cassie and Ruby from the Sydney airport yesterday and they look well and happy. Thank you so much for all your help and please will you say thank you to their carer Tao for us as my family said he was lovely and took good care of them while they were at Keringa. We will definitely recommend you to others going through the same migration process in the future.
Thanks again
Regards, Natalie

01 April 2016 at 08:00

Good morning Petwings!

A quick email to Thank you All!!! Ella arrived safe & sound in Vancouver, Canada this afternoon and reunited with her brother – see picture. Yes, they are from the same litter although they are so different!

She has instantly taken to her new bed and toys and after her first Canadian canine supper, she had a stroll through the neighbourhood! 🐶

I am sure she will settle down soon!
Thank you all once again for your outstanding & reliable service!!

Warm regards
Carin, Mr Zeus & Miss Ella

23 March 2016 at 09:00

Hi Elize, just want to thank you and all the staff. Tokelosie has arrived safe in Pmb and her new family absolutely loves her, Tokelosie has settled in very well. Thank you for doing all the arrangements pleasure doing business with you guys.

23 March 2016 at 06:42

Check out our monkeys….thanks Alta and Mark for looking after Coco and Charlie..


9 November 2015at 12:48

Hi Shirley-Ann,

We have them!!! They’re safe, sound and snoring away in their new beds already haha! Attached is a pic… our first Australian Family selfie! Haha!
Thank you once again for making this, what could have been a traumatic experience such a breeze! I never once felt like I didn’t know where I stand or what was happening with our babies, you truly are the picture pefect example of customer service! If I ever had to go through this ordeal ever again, I would ask for you by name. Thank you for your patience, your attention to detail, your understanding & absolute 100% commitment to this process. I have told & will continue telling everyone that considers immigrating that if ever they wanted to migrate their animals, there is no one better for the job, than you.

John and I will forever be grateful to you Shirley-Ann, you played a major part in our move, knowing that we had someone whom we trusted, taking care of the wellbeing of our dogs.

Thank you again! And if ever you find yourself in Melbourne, coffee and cupcakes are on us!


3 November 2015 at 15:23

Hi Mark

I just wanted to send an email to thank you so much for your professionalism and unending help and advice that you gave to me in the months leading up to my cats departure to England. Naturally, this was an unexplored area for us to venture into and with all the rules and regulations, I am so glad that we chose to use your company to guide us through the process and to get them safely to England and without any difficulties or complications, where they were reunited with my husband a few hours ago.

I would appreciate if you would also thank both Elize and Yvette on my behalf as well for being so helpful and caring. I have already recommended your company to my neighbour who is also considering moving to the UK and I have shared all the information and communication with her throughout these last few days and she has been most impressed as well.

I really appreciate everything your company did to make this as easy a transition as it was.

Kind Regards


1 November 2015 at 07:37

Another job well done. My doggies arrived safely and happy in Perth yesterday afternoon at 5pm. We were all very pleased to see one another and be reunited again. This morning we had our first walk on the beach and we all loved it. Life is good.

Thank you so much for all your assistance during this emotional process. It is hard to be parted with your animals for more than a day or two but we all coped well under the circumstances. Your professional service was outstanding from start to finish so I would like to thank you and all the staff at Keringa-Petwings for caring for my animals during their stay. Tao was also worth mentioning for his calming and caring nature during my few visits.

Thank you all and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone thinking of emigrating to Aussie with the pets. Ten out of ten smile emoticon

Kind Regards


Hi Shirley-Ann,

Here’s some photos of Chloe and Abby loving the outdoors in Western Australia. They have settled into their new environment and loving all the new smells there are to sniff!

Moving Chloe and Abby across the world was a big decision. I was really worried about it, especially because of their age and having to catch two long flights to get to Perth.

Your support during this whole ordeal really meant a lot from day one! It was really comforting having you talk me through the entire process and helping me with all the documentations and bookings.

A special thanks also goes out to Collin and his team, for the fantastic service they provided to Chloe and Abby. On arrival in Perth we were all extremely excited and happy to see each other. We are so thankful that our move to Australia is finalised and I could not be happier with you, Collin and the Keringa pet wings team for taking such great care of Chloe and Abby.

All the best!

Kind regards,
Magda, Chloe, Abby


25 August 2015

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for taking such good care of Ariel. She came home this past Sunday and loving all the attention she is getting. She moves from lap to lap for undivided attention and cuddles and found her favourite spot in bed too.

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown her and us. We cannot thank you enough.

Kind Regards

From: Liezel Maloney [e-mail address removed]
Sent: 13 August 2014 09:44 AM
To: Petwings
Subject: Re 50581

Good day to all of you at keringa.

I just want to say a very very big thank you for taking such good care of my Bella.For getting her ready and comfortable for her uk flight that was the 5th of August.Thank you for all your help and advise given over the months.

I wouldn’t think twice about not recommending you.Going through you was worth every cent,time and patience.Thank you to each of you that had something to do with my Bella.

Kind regards, Liezel Maloney

From: Susan Duckles [E-mail address removed]
Sent: 26 May 2014 04:11 PM
To: Emigration
Subject: Re: New Flight details for Max & Myka

Dear Jolene

Thank you for the email re my dogs and also thank you for the. Care you showed them during their long stay in your kennels.  Thank you too for the photo updates that really meant a lot to me as I am so far away from them.

I can’t wait for the next 11 days to go by to be reunited with them.  Please thank all those who looked after Max and Myka for me I really do appreciate it and will strongly recommend your facility.

Kind regards, Sue Duckles

From: Jessica Russell [E-mail address removed]

Sent: 09 May 2014 09:45

To: Marketing

Subject: Thank you

Thank you so much for looking after Sasha, Zander and Muffin, they had a lovely holiday and are very happy!

Jessica Russell

From: Mike And Leigh [E-mail address removed]

Sent: 08 May 2014 08:52 AM

To: Emigration

Subject: Roxy

Hi Jolene

Thanks for the reply.

Just wanted to say thank you so much to you and all the staff at Keringa for taking such good care of Roxy and for the photos and updates and prompt replies to our emails. We really appreciate it.

We are so looking forward to picking her up next week!

Thanks again for everything,

Kind regards, Leigh-Anne and Michael

From: Tanja van den Berg [Email Address Removed]

Sent: 05 May 2014 10:23 PM

To: Emigration

Subject: Passport & Visa

Good day Simone & Keirnga team

We just want to thank you for everything you did, Tank has arrived safely and he is doing well, just tired but that is understandable 🙂 Now we are a family again.

Thanks so much for assisting with this entire process!!

Kind Regards, Tanja

From:Marian Bowyer [E-mail address removed]

Sent: 12 March 2014 12:45 PM

To: Petwings

Subject: Parrots UK journey

Morning Vaughn,

Just to let you know that we all got to the UK safely yesterday morning, all absolutely exhausted.

A huge THANK-YOU for all your assistance in my pets travels and for organising those travel boxes at such short notice. Peanut made a meal of the cloth covering the back of the box, I am not sure if Jay-jay did much damage to his box as we haven’t really checked the inside with all the goings on yesterday.

Please send my thanks to everybody that was involved in the move & thank heavens the Nature Conservation guys waited around for the parrots to arrive. The ground staff at OR Thambo were really sweet and confirmed via the walkie talkies that the parrots had been loaded onto the aeroplane. The BA transporter was at the air port when the plane arrived and the parrots were removed from the aircraft quickly and taken through to the Animal reception centre just down the road from Heathrow. They had their health check and finally I was informed that all was ok at 9:30am. I think by that stage I as a complete wreak with having heard nothing for over 12 hours.

I then had to wait until Customs clearance came through which was around mid-day, but still had to wait even longer as my Mum was busy with the Furniture movers and unpacking our home stuff. My Mum & daughter finally arrived at 2pm and we were home by 3pm. By that stage all parrots were relived to see their cages and to have some love and attention from us all.

At least the parrots were removed from the travel boxes and placed into cages when they got to the animal centre. Apparently Jay-jay managed to convince one of the ladies to take him out and he got to spend some time being cuddled. Plus entertaining them with his “Hello’s” and “hello Jay-jay”.

Dagen got spoilt as he got to travel home on my daughter’s shoulder as we did not have enough space in the car to take all 3 cages, 3 humans and my suitcases, so one of the travel boxes got left behind.

Once again Thank you for everything.

Chat to you soon

Kind regards, Marian

From: Steve Says

Received: 05 December 2013

To: Keringa-Petwings (Local DIY)

Keep up the good work!

From:Rory Losinsky (E-mail address removed)

Sent: 10 October 2013 09:13 AM

To: Keringa Sales

Subject: Thank you from Rory Losinsky

Dear Colin

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for looking after Carmen and Rupert and attending so well to their needs during their stay at Keringa kennels.

I also really appreciate being able to speak to you regularly and get updates on their welfare.

Many thanks for all your assistance.

Kind regards, Rory Losinsky (Counselling Psychologist)

From: Mrs Greaves (e mail address removed)

Sent: 01 October 2013 10:28 AM

To: Keringa Sales

Subject: Re: Credit Note from Keringa-Petwings

To all at Keringa,

I didn’t have a chance on Wednesday to thank you all for looking after our “boys” over the long weekend. We had been on the road since 6 in the morning driving from Malelane and before I knew it I was in the car with the happy “bunch”.

I want to say a very special Thank You to Amanda and Sonja for the professional service you gave us when we enquired and booked our babies in. We felt confident and assured that they would be well looked after. A huge thank you to Adriaan (I don’t know if spelling right) who when I phoned to check up, updated me with their “first time in the kennels” experience. You assured me, and it sounded that you started to get their personalities which was heart warming. You really took an interest and for this I promise to only phone once next time they come in as you know what u are doing and doing a great job at it. Another big THANK YOU is to the guys that brought our dogs out to the car. I didn’t know that our dogs could take to strangers so well, but when I saw them in your arms and the friendly smiles you had on your face I could see why our dogs were quite relaxed.

Again to all at Keringa… THANK YOU! I can’t wait to bring our “boys” in again and I will definately be telling everyone about you. The gift of the scrap house will be put to great use.

From Carol, Linda and the boys (Junior, Cheecky, Jock, Teddy, Tigger and Tiny)

From: Isabel Venter (E-mail address removed)

Sent: 25 September 2013 08:39 AM

To: Keringa Sales

Cc: ‘Braam Venter’

Subject: Dexter’s stay at Keringa Kennels

Good morning Keringa Team,

First and most importantly, I would like to thank you for looking after Dexter so well. This morning was just too sweet when he arrived and so happy to see us. From previous experiences with another kennel, it is clear that Keringa do care about our precious family member and can see Dexter really really enjoyed his stay at Keringa, thank you!

Now I can relax for December holidays coming up and know our Dexter will be well looked after 🙂


From: Andrea van der Pijl

Sent: 24 April 2013 04:51 PM

To: Petwings

Subject: ATT: Samanthe

Hi Samanthe!

Hoop dit gaan baie goed met jou!

Ek en my man wou net vir jou baie dankie se vir alles wat jy vir ons en ons hondjies gedoen het! Ons sou dit nie sonder jou kon doen nie en ons waardeer jou vreeslik baie! Ons was so bly en verlig gewees toe ons hier in Brazil geland het en ons, ons 2 babatjies veilig gesien het! Die agent wat julle aanbeveel het was ook wonderlik en hy het ons so gehelp!

Jy en petwings was wonderlik van begin tot einde en ons is baie “impressed”! Dankie vir alles!

Wanneer ons besluit om terug Suid Afrika toe te kom, hoe sal dit werk met ons hondjies? Sal die agent hulle weer in Sao Paulo “incheck”en sal julle hulle van Sao Paulo af kan vlieg na Johannesburg toe? Ons wil ook graag weet watter toetse hulle sal nodig he om terug te vlieg en of hulle in “quarantine”sal moet wees en vir hoe lank en waar? Sal dit baie waardeer!!!

Weereens dankie vir alles! Jy is ‘n ster!

Blessings en groete, Andrea en Alexandre Gomes Vieira (Milo en Lucy-2 puggies)

From: Petwings

Sent: 24 April 2013 01:17 PM

To: Lucille Smuts

Subject: FW: Deegan animals

Dear Petwings

Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone involved for making our animals move a comfortable and efficient one.

They arrive safely yesterday as planned, although it took us several hours to clear them out customs ourselves!!

Again, from the bottom of our hearts we all thank you.

Regards, Erica Deegan and Family

From: Dr Gonnie Leurs

Sent: 28 March 2013 08:41 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: Transport of a Wheaten Scottie pup.

Dear Lauren,

I would like to commend you, the organisers, workers, front of house staff and the bosses of Petwings for the very professional and friendly AND efficient manner in which you handled the transport of the Scottie pup to East London on Wednesday 27 March 2013. All your arrangements beforehand were smooth and I received exactly what you promised. The pup enjoyed the flight and arrived relaxed and happy !

It is indeed a pleasure to work with people who enjoy their work, are friendly and helpful and who do what they promise to do.

It will be a pleasure for me to recommend your organisation to anyone who needs a pet transported and looked after well.

I am sorry that I could not look around the premises but I had another appointment to keep. Just coming to the plot brought back many childhood memories. Maybe some other time !

With kind regards, Gonnie Leurs.

(I shall be very happy if you could give a copy of this to your “boss” and also to thank all of the persons who work there, because we all work so much better when we know that we are appreciated. Thank you.)

From: Nvisage

Sent: 26 March 2013 11:56 AM

To: Petwings


Hello Mark,

Well Pippen and Mystery are safe as little larks and slowing starting to get use to being “home” !

We would like to personally thank everyone at Petwings for their service, their compassion, and their understanding through our entire process of kennelling our animals with you and then flying them off to our new destination.

From the moment that I interacted with Lucindie, my journey began of your experience. You even entertained my notion of a personal interview at my home to quell my nerves and to meet the animals. Frank and you put my at ease with your care and consideration and even brought the travel boxes to show me. Frank dutifully collected them on time and off they went to the kennels. The next piece of the journey began with interacting with Colin and Adrian from the kennels, and I must tell you that I did this daily (the two animals had never been kennelled before).

Colin and Adrian were absolutely incredible with our animals – their own love and concern for the well being of animals given all their different circumstances – is everything that you need when these separations happen. There is no doubt in my mind that they received 5 star treatment for the entire stay. A special thank you to these gentlemen; every time that I called it was never too much trouble to share all the little details of the animals and their behaviour with me. They prepared both animals for their flights and sent them to us in a healthy and fit form. Special thanks Colin for what you did for Pippen in this process…)

Petwings also arranged to deliver our animals to us, and they arrived just 3 days ago. And hence the delay in writing to you to express our deepest thanks to Petwings.

I highly recommend your organisation to anyone looking for excellent service and a compassionate and caring group of animal lovers!!

Kind Regards, Linda Eyre

From: Dave Luetchford

Sent: 15 March 2013 01:16 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: Re: Storm and Spazz

Hi Lauren,

I got caught up in all the excitement and forgot to thank you for a wonderful job you did getting my Kitties to London safe and sound.

They’re settling in nicely, although the Weather has been a culture shock. They’ve never seen Snow before.

Please tell me if I owe you anything for the Vet examinations whilst they were boarding at Keringa.

I’ve attached some photos. My crazy son went and fetched them and brought them home on the Underground train.

Thanks again, Dave

From: Petwings

Sent: 07 March 2013 07:22 AM

To: Petwings3

Cc: Lucille Smuts

Subject: FW: Crowley: F/A – Lauren & Mark

Dear Lauren and Mark

I would like to take the opportunity to Thank You both very much for all your assistance with regard to Crowley. His clearance went by very smoothly and I was very happy to receive my dog so quickly.

We are both in Durban after the very long journey and acclimating to the South African Summer.

With thanks from the both of us 🙂

Warmest regards, Jasmika

From: navikabehari

Sent: 05 March 2013 11:29 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: F/A – Mark & Lauren

Hi Mark – Lauren

Thank u very much for as job well done.

Crowley was cleared almost immediately and we could take him home with us.

I will certainly recommend Keringa Petwings to my family and friends.

Much appreciated.

Will send u a pic of Crowley when we in Durban.

Kind regards, Mrs Navika Behari

From: Johan Viljoen

Sent: 22 October 2012 07:19 AM

To: Petwings;

Subject: RE: Contract

Dear Lauren

Thanks a lot.

I am so impressed with your professional service!

This morning exactly at 06:00 as agreed, the puppy was collected by a very friendly man.

Petwings / Keringa obviously takes professional service to the next level!

Karin is excited and looks forward to receiving the puppy in Cape Town later this morning.

Once again a huge thank you for taking care of pets, and without hesitation

I will recommend Petwings to others as well.

Enjoy Monday!, Johan

Dear Samanthe

Thank you to you and your fantastic team for looking after our babies so well.

They have arrived safely in the UK and are looking extremely well!!!

We hopefully won’t have to wait to long to join them and my husband in the UK.

Kind regards, Jennifer

From: David King

Sent: 29 October 2012 10:49 PM

To: Petwings;

Subject: Re: FW: Flight Details Seattle – Updated

Hi Lauren,

Pip has been with us for a week now and is really happy.

Thank you for everything you did and for making her journey as pleasant as possible, you were amazing.

The ladies at Delta were also incredible as were the Seattle customs officials.

Thanks again!!

From: Corinne Walker

Sent: 10 November 2012 11:37 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: Re: Contract

Hi Samanthe

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work getting whiskey up to Pemba. He is so happy here and loves the beach.

Once again thank you and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know needing Kenneling or pet travel.

Kindest Regards, Corinne Walker

From: Susanne von Belino

Sent: 09 October 2012 07:37 PM

To: Petwings

Subject: Re: FW: FW: Mitchie/Susanne v. Belino

Hi Samanthe!

Thank you so much for your e-mail. Your and your team’s dedication and reliable services are highly appreciated and recommended.

And, I’m sure, Mitchie thinks so, too. Just one “little jump” more tomorrow and she will be back home in Ballito.

I say Thanks a Lot to you and your team and send my very best wishes to all of you.

Some time in March 2013 I will contact you again in connection with Mitchie’s flight to Germany.

Until then, take care and kind regards, Susanne

From: Amy Fan

Sent: 01 October 2012 12:02 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: Att: Lauren

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for flying my ShihTzu puppy, Lily, we went to collect her from the cargo terminal at King Shaka airport on

Wednesday and she looked happy and healthy!

Initially I was very stressed and unsure about flying the puppy as this was the first time EVER for me,

but you guys really wow-ed me with your helpful and friendly service, not to mention, the superb EFFICIENCY –

amazing!!! very punctual and organized!!!

Just a big THANK YOU again to you and your crew for making this experience such a pleasant one,

and for taking care of Lily, making sure she had a safe and comfortable flight 🙂

If I ever need to fly my pets again, I will definitely choose Keringa, no doubt!

Kind Regards, Amy

Sent: 19 September 2012 04:21 PM

To: Petwings

Subject: Re: Arrival Confirmation

Dear All at Petwings,

We arrived on time and our Mom and Dad were here to greet us. Thank you for looking after us so well and making sure

we were on the right plane. We will always travel with Petwings and recomend you to our friends.

Many thanks, Mini and Brakenjan.

Ps. Mom and Dad say thanks as well.

Hi there

Thank you to Karinga for everything! Sami was reunited with her family yesterday.

She is happy and healthy.

Many thanks once again

Barbara Anne Parfit

Hi Samanthe,

Thank you for the refund and the email.

Buddy and Jock are well. Our little 15 month old loves to play with them.  He is very gentle but the dogs are also extremely tolerant with him.

He loves their toys and they chew his toys?

Our two dogs spent 6 months in quarantine at Keringa Kennels prior to their move to Brisbane, Australia.

The reason we chose for the dogs to spend the bulk of the quarantine period at Keringa was because of the excellent recommendations

we received from other families about the facilities there.  We were not disappointed. The kennels themselves were always kept clean;

Colin and Mark were wonderful to our dogs; they noticed the small medical issues that needed attention immediately;

kept us informed at all times and helped my husband and I through the process of separation; the admin staff were professional

and accommodating. From our experience, I would highly recommend Keringa Kennels to anyone who needs to have their pet


All the best, Tamsyn Potter

Hi Samanthe

Baie dankie Poekie is nog soos sy altyd gewees het, ons het gedink sy sou dalk ons vergeet het, maar toe sy in Kalgoorlie

geland het in haar krat en ons haar roep het sy amper die krat uit mekaar gebyt van opgewondenheid.

Ons wil julle baie dankie se vir al julle opofferings en julle mooi kyk na Poekie.

Ons wil as’n familie baie dankie se aan al julle staf members vir alles wat julle gedoen het.

Sê baie dankie vir almal wat met Poekie te doen gehad het . Dit was elke sent werd.

Sy is terug amper onmiddelik na haar maniere wat sy gehad het en dis hoe ons dit wou gehad het. Die kinders is ook baie bly.

Weer eens baie dankie vir alles, julle is almal die beste.

Pieter en Naomi Engelbrecht

Good morning Samanthe,

Hayley, Mignon, Misha and Simone are doing very well. They will be coming home on Monday 26 March – we can’t wait!

I would like to thank all the staff at Keringa for taking special care of our feline children.

During the six months they were under your care, you took a personal interest in each one of them and catered for their every need.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards, Clasina Roodt

Hi Samanthe

Finally, we would just like to thank the entire team at Keringa for making the pet immigration process as simple

(for us) and comfortable (for our cats) as possible. From the ladies in the office and reception, to the guys out in the cattery,

you made us feel very comfortable leaving our little cats in your care.  The cattery was always spotless and there was always a

feel good vibe about the place, due to the positive, friendly and welcoming manner of all the staff members. You all helped

make a very difficult process a lot easier!

Thank you once again.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Regards, Jeremy & Rowena Peck

From: Debbie Kruger

Sent: 20 February 2012 10:27 AM


Subject: Thank you

Hi Samanthe and Liza-Mari

I just want to say a huge thank you to you both for all your help over the past many months with my babies all getting to New Zealand.

I hope I didn’t bug you more than most for help!  All my babies came home today and are busy settling in into their new home.

Please thank everyone who cared for them in their time at Keringa and you all did a wonderful job.

Thanks a million.

Debbie Kruger

From: David Geldart [mailto:]

Sent: 05 February 2012 03:47 PM


Subject: RE: Refund from Keringa

Hi Samanthe,

We are all fine here and slowly settling into life in Australia.  We will return the form as soon as possible, thank you for the refund !

Bruno and Kitty have arrived safely. The quarantine station is very far away from us and visiting is restricted so we have hired

“dog walkers” and they have already been to visit them and have posted some pictures for us on their website.

We cannot wait to welcome them home in March.  We would like to thank all of the staff at Keringa Kennels for looking after

our babies for 6 months.  We found everyone to be very friendly and caring. When Bruno had his fit at the quarantine,

the staff went out of their way to ensure his safety and to help him recover from his fit.

He was taken to the vet immediately and was able to recover and return to Keringa where Pauline kept us up to date on his progress.

Colin and Mark, you are both amazing people with such a love for animals.  You were always on hand to chat about our pets,

calm our nerves after Bruno’s fit and play with Bruno with his soccer ball to prove to our son that Bruno was still normal !!

The administration side always ran smoothly with prompt replies to our emails and there were no problems with paperwork

or payments.  Visiting was a pleasure, we could visit for a hour every session and often Colin or Mark would join

us for a few minutes of play time with Bruno. Our pets were often brushed and groomed and Bruno was given

a good bath as well. Bruno was let out in an exercise area from morning to late afternoon.

Kitty had his own little room with a look-out perch which was very nice!!

We could view updated pictures of Bruno playing with his soccer ball and Kitty wanting attention on the website as well.

I know our pets really enjoyed it at Keringa and we had peace of mind all the time knowing that they were being treated

well while we prepared to leave South Africa.

To anyone considering taking their pets with them to Australia, we VERY strongly recommend that you firstly

send your pets to Keringa and secondly, do 6 months quarantine in South Africa and only 1 month in Perth

as the quarantine here is very far away and visiting is very restricted. We were very spoilt with having Keringa on our doorstep

and that we were able to visit every day including weekends !

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all at Keringa for caring for Bruno and Kitty.

Regards, The Geldart Family – Perth

Sent: 03 February 2012 11:52 AM

To: Lucille Smuts GM

Subject: Petwings Pet Transpawtation

Dear Yvette,

Many thanks for all your help and efficiency in transporting Blizzard

to his new destination Port Elizabeth today.

I am sure we will use Pet Wings again to fly our ‘precious snowflakes’.

Kind Regards, Michele van Vuuren

Petwings / Kerina

Ek wil julle net bedank vir die wonderlike liefde en aandag wat julle aan my Vlooi gegee het in die ses maande wat hy by julle was.

Sonder julle liefde en spesiale aandag sou nie ek of hy dit oorleef het nie, julle het dit vir ons moontlik gemaak om vir ses maande

van ons “kind” weg te wees en ons het geweet hy is versorg en in die beste hande. Ek was so bang vlooi gaan my nie meer ken na ses

maande nie maar ag dit was so lekker toe ons mekaar weer sien hy het my dadelik erken en begin lek.

Die heel lekkerste was toe ek hom na ses maande sien en hy is net so mooi versorg as toe ek hom die dag by Keringa afgelaai het.

Toe ek hom daarby julle gelos het het dit vir my gevoel ses maande is n leeftyd maar met julle gereelde fotos en emails het die tyd

so vinnig verby gegaan ek kon nie glo toe hy veilig in Melbourne land dat die tyd al verby is nie. Julle het sy dag spesiaal

gemaak toe hy verjaar het iets wat vir my baie spesiaal was en wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie julle is waarlik n dierbare en puik

kwarantyn instansie en ek sal julle altyd aanbeveel want vir ons was julle net goed, julle moet weet ons wardeer dit. Vlooi se vlug

na Melboure was sonder enige probleme en stres hy is nog net so stert in die wind soos altyd, nogmals baie baie dankie.

Baie Liefde en Ozzy Groete, Amelda & Vlooi du Toit

From: Jackson, Peggy

Sent: 29 November 2011 08:34 AM

To: Petwings

Subject: FAO Debbie

Good morning Debbie

Well the babies finally got here last night, I was so glad to see them, I like to think they were glad to see me too.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Petwings for all that they have done, and an even bigger thank you to you.

I know this has been a bit of a long process but it was worth it. I was really pleased when we visited them to see that not

only was the accommodation excellent, your staff obviously love animals ( I think the animals love them back)

Delighted with the care that they got from the vet also.  I have no hesitation in recommending Petwings to anyone that is

looking for a competent and caring company to deal with relocation of their pets and have told many people of the great

service you not only offer, (as many companies do) but you certainly delivered.

Once again, thank you so much.

Thank you very much Tanya. We just got back from Calgary and the dogs are looking great. They were over

the moon seeing us again albeit that they were very tired (it is now 02h40 here) They lost some weight but it’s a good thing

and we hope to keep their weight where it is now.  They were also very clean considering the ultra long journey and the

crates are great too. If they were 1 inch larger on any side they would not have fitted in our van, but all worked out great.

Customs went easy and so was the collection. There was some confusion on the roads from the airport to the holding

warehouse due to roads being closed for construction of new airport runways and this caused a detour and

delay of about 90 minutes but it ended well.

Once again, THANK YOU all and may you all have a happy and prosperous Festive Season.

Johann, Christa, Don and Forest.

Good day Norman

I am writing to you to let you know of the absolutely fantastic service I received from Vic late on Tuesday night.

He was to collect my animals from the airport for overnight stay with you guys but we had drama from the word go as

the state vet wouldn’t let the animals out. Having already been delayed and with their flight taking 47 hours rather

than 22 hours I was absolutely distraught when the animals were not allowed to come to you for food and

to at least get out of the cage.

I was on the verge of driving to JHB to try and sort this out ( 23H00) but Vic called me and told me not to come up and

he would personally sort out the permits early the following morning. I emailed the original to him and he went to

get the copies from the ministry of agriculture, took them to the vet to be released and then brought the documents to Qantas for me.

This man went beyond the call of duty and if it was not for him my animals would have been severely affected.

As it is when I eventually got them in Durban they were in a traumatised state.

I would sincerely appreciate it if you could make a point of acknowledging Vic for what he has done for me as

I’m sure he is one of the few who would go to such lengths to help someone he has never met.

He is definitely as asset to your organisation.

Thank you for all the assistance and I assure you I will certainly recommend your company to everyone.

Very much appreciated

Regards, Kevin Atkins

Thanks for the well organized trip my Yorkie had with you.

I will surely recommend your service to anyone who wants to transport a animal! Keep up the good service.

Your friendly staff should be appreciated.

Regards, Cecilia

Hi Samanthe

Thank you so much for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

Must admit, I am having heart palpations ~ so hopefully he doesn’t have any 😉

I can’t wait to see my baby and is very excited at the thought of bringing him home, although its another 30 days .

Thank you so much for all you have done and all the answers you so promptly supplied.

Will be in touch once I have seen him, which unfortunately is only going to be 12 August,

but my husband will see him as soon as possible.

Kind regards, Tania

Hey Danuta

Thanks for the email update – glad to hear they are well and everything went smoothly.

EAGERLY awaiting the call from Angelo at Spotswood this evening 🙂

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Deanne, Colin and the rest of the team there for all their help,

kindness and patience. Colin was especially patient with the “phyco-mommy” calling him tireously to hear if my

bubbas are ok and moaning to him how much I miss them. Special Thanks to Deanne for always calming me

with her efficient answers to my never-ending questions about the trip and the quarantine time, etc, etc.

I’m sure Jake and Roxy will miss you all. We’ll send you updated pics from this side.

Take care!!  Marion Rightford

Hi Duanita

Thought I’d let you know the the kids (Pheobe, Zoos & Leo) are still doing well.

Pheobe loves the sea and you can see here that she’s getting swimming lessons

(with some of the de Lange’s in the background).

Hope all is still well on that side

Regards, Karen

To whom it may concern

RE: Petwings, P.O.Box 6168,Birchleigh,1621 South Africa

I would like to express my gratitude with the way in which my maltese and fox terrier was shipped to the United Kingdom.

From the initial quotation to the arrival at the destination, the service I received was outstanding.

It stood “head and shoulders” above other similar companies that I sought quotations from.

In particular, Mrs Behr really set my heart at rest and went completely out of her way to handle

any requests, queries and concerns that I had.

Well done and thank-you to all concerned at Petwings!

Edwina Hoey (Mrs)

Dear all at Keringa

Thank You for the birthday cards we have received over the last couple of years. We are all well & enjoying life in

New Zealand. We live on 10 acres and sometimes the neighbour sends some sheep to us to herd around the paddock!

Hope you are all keeping well.

With kind regards, Margie Descioizilli

On behalf of Panda, Pippa & Amy

To all the Staff at Keringa Kennels,

Sorry it’s taken us so long to write to you, but it’s been a hectic couple of months settling in to our new home in Sydney.

It was really sweet of you to send us birthday cards for Emily, Figaro and Jespah. We were really touched by it.

The cats have settled into their new quarters at the quarantine station here quite well and are all looking lovely,

although they’re not half as spoilt here as they were by Colin at your kennels. We especially want to say a BIG THANKS

to Colin for caring for them so lovingly. We try to visit them as often as possible, but visiting hours here aren’t as flexible,

being only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 13:30 and 15:30. Anyway, time really flies and it’s quite exciting to know

that they’ll finally be home with us on 10 October (next week Wednesday). I’m sure they’ll also be happier to have a larger

space to run around in.

In each birthday card you also said you’d love to receive pictures of the cats, so we’ve enclosed recent pictures of them for you.

Once again, a big thank you for looking after our precious bundles so beautifully. Kind regards,

Glenda, Chris and Laurel Bower.

To everyone at Keringa Kennels

We so appreciate everything that you did for Samson and Delilah. Never at any time did we doubt your devotion to duty.

In just over 80 days time they will be “Freed” from Byford and we will see them again – We can’t wait!

With many thanks and best wishes – Nicola Brice

References Continued…

” ‘Sally’ (German Shepherd) and ‘Monty’ (Pomeranian cross) were released from quarantine … and we fetched them from Melbourne Airport on that day. They are fine and certainly none the worse for their ordeal. We are fortunate to live near a park approximately the size of your Zoo Lake Park and they have enjoyed walks every day so far. Thank you for everything you have done. I would certainly recommend using your kennels rather than the UK alternative.”

“Please accept our heart-felt thanks for the special love and attention you showed our ‘Jessica’ (Rottweiler). We are really fortunate to have people like you who made us accept the separation from ‘Jessica’ with peace of mind. Your much-appreciated generosity went beyond the call of duty, which we will certainly never forget.” – Leona and Willem Van Vuuren”

“It is wonderful to have our dear little dog (‘Amie’ – nine year old Maltese) with us again and we would recommend to anyone moving to Australia to use your facility.” – Mr D R Spring

“Just to let you know that ‘Twinx’ and ‘Cuddles’ (cats) are fine. They have settled down remarkably well and apart from the occasional fight between ‘Cuddles’ and the nextdoor cat, we have had no problems at all. I am sure that their satisfied disposition was the result of the excellent care they received at Keringa and the folks at Eastern Creek.” – Rod Tetlow

“I thought that I would send you a short message as it is just over a year now that ‘Lily’ (Terrier cross) came to your kennels. She is in very good health and has settled down really well. She does all the same things, exactly the same as she used to before we left South Africa, so the long time which she spent in your kennels and here in Australia really seems to have had no lasting effect. We all feel that it was well worth the effort and cost. Again, I would like to thank you and all your staff for the way she was looked after while staying there.” – The Harland family

“Our thanks for taking such good care of our valuable pets ‘Archie’ (West Highland Terrier) and ‘Jeanie’ (Scottish Terrier). They arrived in Australia safe and sound and are in fact due for release on 21st March. Time has indeed flown. The dogs are healthy and happy. In fact, the person caring for South African dogs at Eastern Creek Quarantine Station told us that the South African dogs always seem happy and well adjusted by the time they arrive in Australia. She attributes this to the care and handling received at Keringa.” – Albert and Shelley Klijn

“Just to let you know ‘Champy’ (Bull Terrier) is HOME! He is very happy at the moment and doesn’t seem to have forgotten anyone! Thanks to you all that cared for ‘Champy’.” – The Metzer family

” ‘Pablo’ and ‘Gina’ (Yorkshire Terriers) are both very well – good health and lovely shiny coats. They were, of course, ecstatic to see us. They also immediately recognised the furniture and went tail-wagging and sniffing through the whole house. In a way it feels as if they were never away! We wish to thank you all at Keringa for all you did to make this happy reunion possible. Knowing that our children were in such good hands made it easier for us. Hugs and a big thank you also from ‘Pablo’ and ‘Gina’.” – Jack and Denetia Latti

“Just a short note to say thank you all very much for making ‘Jackson’ and ‘Becky’s’ (Jack Russells) stay with you as best as you could. They were really spoiled while in your care and we all want to thank you very much. A very big thank you to all at Keringa for helping us make our time away from our dogs not so bad.” – Wendy and Mark Knight

“Just to let you know ‘Amy’ (Border Collie) is having a joll here in Australia. The quarantine was a picnic, really great hospitality by Karen at Eastern Creek, highly recommended.” – Carole Hindson

Hi Yvette

Thanks again for the caring and professional way in which my Edward was transported down to Cape Town recently. I have to return to Cape Town for two weeks, with my Kensey, and I’d rather have you assist in transporting her down with me on the same flight.

Is this possible? Shall I book my 1time tickets first? Please send me a quote.

Lenine Liebenberg

Hi Debbie,

Jammer ek laat nou eers van my hoor.

Dit gaan baie goed met Tiger. Die vlug was natuurlik met 2-ure vertraag en almal was sommer moeg & gatvol vir die wag. Toe ons uiteindelik by Tiger uitkom in die cargo afdeling, was die mannetjie dood van die dors & hees geblaf. Ons moes maar n belangrike ou se naam drop om vinniger reaksie te kry – hulle werk ook op Afrika-tyd.

Ek moet se ek was baie beindruk met sy hokkie/boks, ek het nie besef julle sal vir hom so n groot hokkie gee nie, baie dankie.

Hy kan net nie verstaan dat ons hom gaan besoek en dan weer terug sit in sy hok en verdwyn nie.

Die Seychelles mense kyk mooi na die diere in kwarentyn. die hokke word gereeld skoon gemaak en hulle het altyd vars water & kos. Tiger kom Vrydag huistoe dan kan sy lewetjie weer begin.

Ek het een groot probleem, ek kan nerens op die eiland sy “Vets Choice – Sensitive” pellets kry nie. Die kos wat ek hier gekry het lyk en ruik soos hoender kos – ek is bang hy begin eiers le!

Ons “Landlord ” en sy vrou is baie goed vir ons. Hulle het die erf laat toe span sodat Tiger nie kan uitkom nie.

Wel Debbie,ek & Johan wil net vir jou en julle span se “baie dankie” vir julle profesionele diens, jou geduld & vriendelikheid.

Lekker bly

Groete uit n warm bedompige Seychelles

Louisa, Johan & Tiger Barnard.

My mother just recently booked her baby boy into your kennels for his special holiday, while my mother and I took a well deserved break and enjoyed some time away together.

I want to personally say thank you to all the Keringa staff who had a hand in the amazing care and love given during his stay, this was his first visit there by you, and first time ever in a kennel.

I also just want to send a special thank you to the young lady who had assisted me from my first telephone call, through all out communication, she was informative, extremely friendly and always seemed excited and happy to talk to us on the phone. She made us feel like we were one of Keringa’s most important clients upon arrival. Arranged for us to even go for a kennel tour
to put our minds at ease. She even knew us by name as soon as we walked into the reception to fetch mom’s baby. Please will you let Ms Cindy Olivier know that she is an amazing person who deserves to be recognised for treating her clients the way she does.

I also want to say a special thank you to the Kennel Manager assistant Tae? (Not certain on his spelling) he was friendly, very helpful and I was comfortable leaving there knowing this young man would be taking care of mom’s baby. Even when I phoned while away, he kept me up to date and made my mom smile by telling us stories of his stay there.

You have two amazing staff+- members who stood out to us. But in all, thank you to everyone involved for the amazing care.

Kind Regards,
Annet Grobbler.