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You will need to start procedures a minimum of 6 to 7 months prior to your pet/s’ departure from South Africa. The last 45 days before departure is the most complicated time period of the procedure. Keringa offers a service for this time period where your pets will be admitted into our boarding facilities and then, along with our consulting vet, we’ll ensure that all procedures are done and adhered to. Upon completion of the 30 days with us, we will then fly your pet/s over to Australia. There is a 10 day quarantine period upon arrival in Australia.

You may do the last 30 days prior to departure at home with your own vet but as we said, it’s a complex procedure that if done incorrectly, can result in delays and numerous other problems at great personal and financial cost to you and your pets. Please note that should your private vet do any of the required tests and procedures and we pick up any errors with regards to the date or any information, we reserve the right to not accept your pet/s into our facility and to assist with the export of your pet/s. Please note should this happen a cancellation fee will be charged to your account.


Confined to members of the species Canis Familiaris, the following breeds are not eligible for importation into Australia:

  • Dogo Argentino – Pitbull Terrier
  • Fila Brasileiro – Perro de Presa Canario
  • Japanese Tos – Presa Canario
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • Domestic/Non-Domestic Animal Hybrid (eg Wolf Dog Cross)
  • Any breeds crossed with the above mentioned breeds

Confined to members of the species Felis Canis, the following breeds are not eligible for importation into Australia:
The cat/s must not be a hybrid between domestic and non-domestic species, and must not be derived from a cross with a wild cat species and includes but is not limited to the following breeds:

  • Savannah Cat
  • Safari Cat
  • Chausie Cat

NB!! The only exception to this is the Bengal cat which may continue to be imported provided it is five generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat.


The fees (click for details and fees) for the application for the Import Permit are a separate charge to our quotation. When completing the application for the Import Permit you must provide your credit card details so that payment can be processed.


The Quarantine Facilities (click for details) in Australia are a separate entity to Keringa International and the fees (click for fees) for the 10 days post-arrival quarantine period will be payable to them directly.


Your pet/s will be kennelled in our boarding facilities. We can provide additional boarding over and above the pre-export procedure for your pet/s if required. We welcome tours, so please contact us for directions and then come and view our wonderful facilities for yourself.

FOR DOGS: We feed our canine boarders MONTEGO KAROO but you’re welcome to supply your own food (regrettably this will not be discounted against kennelling costs). You are also welcome to bring your pets’ bedding and their favourite toys.

FOR CATS: We feed our feline boarders HILLS SCIENCE but you’re welcome to bring along their own food (regrettably this will not be discounted against boarding costs). You are also welcome to bring your pets’ bedding and their favourite toys.


Our travel quotations are only approximate and are based on similar sized pets. Once your pet is at Keringa International, we will double-check your pets’ measurements.  Should your pet/s require a different size travel container, we will adjust your account accordingly and all costs will need to be paid prior to your pets’ departure. Please note that the airlines control the cargo rates, which fluctuate.  Airlines do not allow us to pay for flights in advance.

The flight from Johannesburg to Sydney is a direct flight with Qantas.

Please note that pets need to be quarantined at the first Port of Entry in Australia, so pets flying to Melbourne need to transit through Dubai with Emirates.

“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot do a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.” John Ruskin, teacher, artist and visionary.

With us you pay for exceptional pet care and you get it.  You pay for first-class food and your pets get it.  You pay for and receive the best of everything that money can buy for them, because they deserve it.  Nothing less would be right for them because they are your children.  And we’ve been going the extra mile and doing it all for more than 47 years, so it must be right.  Right?

For more information on procedures at the Australian quarantine stations please contact us.

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