Pets Going to Australia & New Zealand


Keringa Emigration Station was the first pre-export quarantine facility in Africa to be approved by the Australian government. Established in early 1996, it was the result of our own initiative and representation to the Australian government to allow dogs and cats to accompany their owners to Australia.

Since then, we have relocated more than 6000 (and counting!) pets and we’re recommended by the Australian government (AQIS) and the South African Department of Agriculture.

What Keringa does for pets going to Australia:

We guide you and your own veterinarian on the six month procedure that starts at home and leads right up to when your pet joins us at Keringa-Petwings for the last treatments.

Then, once your pets book into Keringa, snug and safe in our luxury boarding facilities, they will be tended by our consulting veterinarian who does the final mandatory tests and check-ups. 

We handle all procedures according to the Australian government’s protocol, which include:

  • Internal and external parasite treatments
  • Foray injections
  • Tests for Ehrlichia Canis, Brucella, Leptospirosis and
  • Leishmania
  • Pre-export clinical examinations
  • State vet health certificates
  • Microchip checking
  • Making bespoke travel kennels
  • Flight bookings and airwaybills
  • Grooming

Note: Our pet travel boxes / containers are manufactured in accordance with IATA and IPPC (United Nations) standards.

The first 5 months of the procedure: what you need to do

  • Have all the requisite blood tests and other procedures prior to your pets’ admittance to Keringa-Petwings for the last stretch of their stay in South Africa.  (Ask us for more information.)
  • Have the Import Permits done 60 days prior to departure.  (Again we can advise you.)
  • Arrange for 10 days of quarantine in Australia.  (Click here for more information and the Australian fees)

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