Pets to New Zealand



You need to start procedures a minimum of 6/7 months prior to your pet’s departure from South Africa. The last 30 days before departure is the most complicated time period of the procedure. Keringa offers a service for this time period where your pets will be admitted into Keringa Kennels normal boarding and along with our resident veterinarian we will ensure all procedures are adhered to. On completion of the 30 days with us we will then fly your pet/s over to New Zealand. There is 10 days quarantine in New Zealand on arrival.

You may do the last 30 days prior to departure at home with your private veterinarian. Regrettably we will then be unable to fly your pet/s to New Zealand. Unfortunately in the past clients and their private vets have not completed the procedures within the last 30 days prior to departure correctly, resulting in delays and numerous other problems which have been costly to the client and frustrating to all involved.

For pets going VIA AFRICA TO NEW ZEALAND (E.G. from Malawi to New Zealand), there is a 6 months residency period in South Africa. If your pets will be staying with family members or friends in South Africa they will have to then follow the procedures below. If you do not have anyone to accommodate your pets within South Africa you can accommodate them at Keringa Kennels for the 6 months residency and we will then assist with the below.



Confined to members of the species Canis Familiaris (domestic dog) and Felis.

Catis (domestic cat). The following breeds are not eligible for importation:


  • Pit Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Brazilian Fila
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Any breeds crossed with the above mentioned.

Animals may not be more than 42 days pregnant at the date of shipment.

They must be more than 9 months old at departure.



Veterinary procedures must be started 6/7 months before the pet is due to be exported from South Africa. Your private veterinarian can help you with this stage. You will also, at this stage, need to apply for an import permit and make the booking at the quarantine station in New Zealand. Don’t worry though, since we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on enquiry.


We recommend that if you wish to make use of Keringa for the last 30 days prior to departure that you book well in advance. As soon as you have done the initial veterinary procedures then contact us so that we can work out the departure date and book your pets into Keringa.


Your pets will be kennelled in our Normal Boarding Facilities. Please note there are certain date restrictions regarding the 30 days prior to departure.

We can provide additional boarding on and above the pre-export procedure for your pets. We welcome tours so please contact us for directions and come and view our wonderful facilities for yourself.

For the dogs: They will be kennelled in the log cabins with their own private garden. We feed them on MONTEGO KAROO. You are more than welcome to bring in their bedding and any favourite toys.

For the cats: Each cattery has a fully carpeted bedroom section with an upstairs viewing balcony so that they can look out over Keringa’s lawns. The sunny verandas are perfect for a bit of sun tanning. We feed the cats HILLS SCIENCE. You are more than welcome to bring in their bedding and any favourite toys.


There are flight restrictions to Wellington (for Shado-Lans Quarantine station in Levin) and Christchurch (for Canterbury Quarantine Station). Both connecting flights from Sydney cannot take travel containers over a certain height.

If your dog is unable to fit on to the above flights the dog will have to fly to Auckland, overnight at one of the quarantine stations there and then be put on a domestic flight down to Wellington or Christchurch. This section will be quoted on by Auckland Quarantine station and will be payable to them before your dog leaves SA.


Please contact the quarantine station for a detailed price list. They are a separate entity to Keringa International and the 10 days quarantine fees are payable to them.

The following facilities are registered and permitted to quarantine cats and dogs from specific countries:


Qualified Pet Services

Proprietors: Vicky and John Lee

Pethaven Quarantine Services

Proprietor: Mrs. Robyn van den Brink

Canterbury Quarantine Services Ltd

Proprietors: Chris and Lindsey Ward

Shado-Lans Quarantine Facility

Proprietors: Denise and John Clark



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