Pets Going to Australia & NZ

New Protocol from 2 December 2013

Keringa Emigration Station (the first Australian Government approved pre-export quarantine kennel in Africa) was established in early 1996, on our initiative and representation to government, for the emigration of dogs and cats accompanying their owners to Australia.

In the nineteen years to-date we have handled close to 5000 (and counting) pets and are the discerning pet lovers’ only professional choice.

We are recommended by the Australian Government (AQIS) and the South African Department of Agriculture.

We keep up to date with all the regulations to ensure that we are able to help transport more pets to Australia.

What will Keringa do for your pets before and during the last month with us?

  • Guidance for you and your own veterinarian on how to start the six month procedure at home and up until the time your pet joins us at Keringa-Petwings for the final month of intensive activity.
  • Guidance in obtaining your pet’s import permits 60 days before departure.
  • One month’s luxury boarding for your pets at Keringa-Petwings under the supervision of our resident veterinarian.
  • All procedures during the last month in boarding at Keringa-Petwings, according to the protocol which includes:
    • Internal and external parasite treatments.
    • Foray injections, Ehrlichia Canis, Brucella, Leptospirosis and Leishmania tests, pre-export clinical examination, health certificate by the state veterinarian, grooming, checking of the microchip for migration or failure, manufacture of bespoke travel kennels, making flight bookings and printing air waybills.
    • The flight to Melbourne, Australia.
    • The flight to New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.
  • Note: Pet travel kennels are manufactured to IATA and IPPC (United Nations) standards.

What will you do at home during the first 5 months of the procedure?

The various blood tests and other procedures prior to your pet’s admittance to Keringa-Petwings for the final month’s boarding (ask us about this for a full explanation).

The Import Permit which must be done by the client 60 days prior to departure. We can give verbal guidance.

Organize 10 days quarantine in Australia. Please also see the link for the Australian fees. (click here)

More on taking your pets to Australia:

You can see some of our references here. Pets are not just boarders here at Keringa, see our farewells on our Facebook Page

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With us you pay for exceptional pet care and you get it. You pay for first-class food and your pets get it. You pay for and receive the best of everything that money can buy for them, because they deserve it. Nothing less would be right for them because they are your children. And we’ve been going the extra mile and doing it all for more than 46 years, so it must be right. Right?