Worldwide Pet Transport

Why take your pets with you?

For many people, their cats and dogs (and bunnies and birds) are more than pets.  They’re an integral part of the family, providers of unconditional love and companionship (and even protection in some cases 😊).  They’re waiting for you when you get home from work, they’re there for you when you’re feeling down, they’re playmates for the kids, and sources of endless laughs! 

Moving is difficult, stressful, emotional and even more so when it’s to another country.  But it’s a lot easier when the family stays together, especially for the children.  And what if you re-home your pets and it doesn’t work out? They could end up unloved, uncared for, or even on the street? 

Choosing the right pet transportation company

As in any industry, the pet transportation sector is made up of top-class companies with the best credentials – and then the chancers who cut corners and prices. 

It is so important to choose the right pet travel company – your pets’ lives could depend on it. 

These are some of the questions you should be asking before making your decision:

  1. How long have the companies been in existence?
  2. Do they have physical premises and not just mobile numbers?
  3. Do they have comprehensive, up-to-date websites and Facebook platforms?
  4. Do they have lots of references from happy clients? (Always the best form of advertising as you know)
  5. Are they registered with SARS (South African Revenue Service) for VAT and other taxes?
  6. Are they financially sound?  (There is a lot of money involved)
  7. Are they members of the renowned IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association)?
  8. Do they have trained staff and if so, how many?  (Or are they a one-pony show with just a desk and a phone?)
  9. Do they have a current permit from the government granting them permission to operate as a registered pet export / import facility? (See ours attached)
  10. Do they have acceptable, safe boarding accommodation in the event that flights are delayed or cancelled?
  11. Do they have trained staff available at a moment’s notice to fetch pets from the airport if flights are postponed, people who will feed and water pets, tuck them in and make sure they’re settled no matter what time of the night / weekend / public holiday?

Here’s how Keringa-Petwings compares with other companies:

How long have they been in operation?49 years and counting towards half a century
Staff size?Keringa-Petwings has more than 40 trained, professional, vetted members of staff – a very high ratio of people to pets
How close are they situated to an international airport so I don't have to pay for extra mileage travelled?Keringa-Petwings is 15 minutes’ drive to O R Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, GAUTENG
How many dedicated vehicles and drivers does the company have?Keringa-Petwings has 6 vehicles with 5 fully-trained pet chauffeurs / pet handlers
Do the vehicles have air-conditioning?Petwheels is Keringa-Petwings’ road transport division. It has 6 double air-conditioned vehicles - especially important for long distance trips
Is the pet transport company registered with IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association)?Keringa-Petwings is a long-standing member(s) . . . .. of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) to which only top pet transportation companies can belong
Do they have kennel facilities in case my pets have to stay behind while I get the new house ready?Keringa-Petwings has 5 star boarding facilities, including our popular Forest Log Cabins, normal economy kennels and luxurious catteries, headed up by a manager who lives on the premises and a well-trained loving team
During winter, are the kennels heated? Keringa-Petwings offers cosy, safe infra-red heaters for all kennels and catteries. We have a giant generator for when Eskom does not generate, too
Do they have a vet in attendance for health certificates and blood tests?Keringa-Petwings has a consulting vet available 24/7/365