Transpawt by Air

Petwings is the pet transportation division of Keringa-Petwings

Petwings has two subdivisions, Petwings Air transport and Petwings air-conditioned Pet Taxis

Petwings can transport your pets by air or road almost anywhere in the world as well as around South Africa. We also assist those who are relocating to South Africa from abroad: regarding import permits, customs clearance, airport collection, etc. As IPATA members, you can trust us to transport your pet anywhere.

We are only a 15-minute drive from Johannesburg International Airport.

We offer:

  • National quotations
  • International quotations
  • 5 star in-transit boarding available for dogs and cats
  • Pet Door to door and Pet airport to airport service

Documentation can become a nightmare when you decide to move countries; we will advise on / handle all the relevant documentation:


  • Import / Export Permits
  • Health Certificates ( We have our own veterinarian in attendance)
  • State Veterinary Documentation
  • Customs Documentation

Why take them with you?

In many families, the cats and dogs are more than pets: they are integral members of a close-knit family.

They have given you years of love, companionship and protection. Do you really know what will happen to them if you leave them behind? It’s usually better to keep your whole family together when you move. We offer you the opportunity to relocate and take your pets, being dog or cat, with you anywhere.

Read one dog’s moving experience!

Keringa Petwings, near OR Tambo International Airport Johannesburg and agents in:

  • Cape Town
  • George
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London
  • Bloemfontein
  • Kimberley
  • Durban

South African member of IPATA , Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International.

Petwings is experienced, reliable, professional, dedicated, safe and we go the extra mile. You can’t do better than entrust your beloved pets to Petwings for a happy moving experience.

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Measurement Guide

Guidance for Calculating Properly Sized Pet Airline Shipping Containers

The size of the container (crate, kennel, carrier) must be such that it will allow the pet to stand in a natural position turn around easily and to lie down in a natural manner at all times.
The images above gives measuring directions and a guideline for calculating the correct size airline shipping container for your pet/s. They relate to a pet standing in a natural position.

Pet Measurement:

A – Length of the pet from the tip on nose to root of tail.
B – Height from ground to top of leg or elbow joint.
C – Width across right & left shoulder.
D – Height of the pet in natural standing position from ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breads. (for a cat you might find it easier to measure height while cat is sitting with head erect).

Minimum Container Dimensions are:

Length = A+1/2 of B

Width = C x 2 (1 pet) or C x 3 (2 pets)

Height = D



We are approved air pet transporter or also known as air pet relocation couriers. We have been trusted for over 46 years for transporting pets by air in all locations within South Africa and the rest of the world! As IPATA members, you can rely on us to transport or courier your pet to your new location. Don’t leave your pet behind! Let us transport your pet today by contacting us now

There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot do a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.” Ruskin.

With us you pay for exceptional pet care and you get it. You pay for first-class food and your pets get it. You pay for and receive the best of everything that money can buy for them, because they deserve it. Nothing less would be right for them because they are your children. And we’ve been going the extra mile and doing it all for more than 46 years, so it must be right. Right?