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Petwings Pet Transportation.

How to choose a pet transport agent.

Moving house, especially an international move, is stressful! Make sure you choose the right pet travel company-PETWINGS.

Questions to askPetwingsAnother Company
How long has the business been in operation?46 years 
How many staff available to look after my and my pet’s needs?34 members of staff 
How close are they situated to an international airport so I don’t have to pay for extra mileage travelled?10 minutes from the airport 
How many dedicated vehicles and drivers does the company have?6 vehicles with 5 fully trained pet Chauffeurs 
Does the vehicle have air-conditioning?Yes! Our vehicles are air-conditioned, especially for those long distance trips! 
Is the pet transport company registered with IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association)?Yes! 
Do they have kennel facilities in case my pets have to stay while I get the new house ready?Yes! Keringa-Petwings have 5 star forest log cabins, normal kennels and catteries. 
It is Winter!  Do they have heaters in all kennels?Yes!  Keringa-Petwings have infra red heaters in all kennels and catteries. 
Do they have a vet in attendance for health certificates and blood tests?Yes!  Dr S. Moodley is our resident veterinarian.