Luxury Pet Travel Containers

Our Luxury Pet Travel Containers For the Import, Export and Local Transport of all dogs and cats

Guide for Calculating Correctly Sized Pet Shipping Containers

The size of the container (crate, kennel, carrier) must be such that it will allow the pet to stand in a natural position, turn around easily and to lie down in a natural manner at all times.
The images above give measuring directions and a guideline for calculating the correct size airline shipping container for your pet/s. They relate to a pet standing in a natural position.

The relationship between pet and travel container is critical. 

Pet Measurement:

A – Length of the pet from the tip on nose to root of tail.
B – Height from ground to top of leg or elbow joint.
C – Width across right & left shoulder.
D – Height of the pet in natural standing position from ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breads. (for a cat you might find it easier to measure height while cat is sitting with head erect).

Minimum Container Dimensions are:
Length = A+1/2 of B
Width = C x 2 (1 pet) or C x 3 (2 pets)
Height = D

For international pet air travel and local pet transport services, there is no-one better equipped to handle the import and export of your pets than Keringa-Petwings.

We fly to and from anywhere in the world, and we also offer road transportation within South Africa and neighbouring countries.

We manufacture our own pet travel kennels (boxes/containers) to order. All our pet travel containers are made to IATA (International Air Transport Association) specifications, and comply with United Nations IPPC and the SA Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries regulations.

BEWARE – Travel boxes not bearing the special IPPC compliant mark are subject to interception and can be returned at the sender’s expense.

“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot do a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.” John Ruskin, teacher, philanthropist, artist and visionary.”

Important new laws for Pet Travel Boxes

The International Plant Protection Division of the United Nations has introduced phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introducing/spreading quarantine pests associated with wood packaging material used in international trade.

The practical application of these worldwide laws means that all raw wood packaging material (including that used in pet travel boxes) entering and leaving South Africa MUST comply with the ISPM 15 requirements of the International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures. This requires that all packaging materials made of unprocessed raw wood (either imported into or exported from South Africa) MUST be both TREATED and MARKED as such.

The South African Department of Agriculture has advised that plant health inspectors will be authorized to examine international cargo entering or leaving South Africa to ensure compliance.

Pet travel boxes which do not comply with these regulations may be prevented from leaving South Africa or be refused entry into countries that adhere to this convention. South Africa, the United States and the European Union apply these regulations strictly.

Wooden travel boxes that comply with these regulations will carry a special marking with a symbol, the letters IPPC and other letters and numbers similar to the sketch.

The first manufacturer of pet travel boxes to receive official approval from the South African Department of Agriculture is PETWINGS, the pet transportation division of Keringa-Petwings, South Africa’s most comprehensive pet services group(established 1973).

Pet Travel Containers – the facts:

  • Our containers are stronger, more comfortable and less noisy than plastic ones
  • Our containers are cheaper than plastic ones

Our pet travel containers Comply with:

  • International Plant Protection Convention regulations by the United Nations (IPPC No ZA-K 04)
  • SA Department of Agriculture
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Heathrow Government Animal Reception Centre (London)
  • Are approved for export to Australia, New Zealand and almost every other country in the world
  • Frames are made from SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Service) inspected timber
  • Contain a disposable blanket and urine absorbent material

From January 2016 further regulations were added to the SA government’s protocol on ‘petainers’.

From that date, it will be necessary to have a history of the materials used in their manufacturing, including the date of treatment of the timber used. Inspections are carried out by the Department of Agriculture, which checks compliance and will reject sub-standard travel boxes.

We have implemented these regulations and guarantee that our ‘petainers’ are compliant with the new protocols.

There is no better, safer or more comfortable pet travel container!

Please note that most pet travel kennels do not fit in the average car.
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